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Your Mind Runs on Energy

Ninety percent of the cells in your brain are called glial cells (or astrocytes); the other ten percent are neurons that send signals using neurotransmitters like serotonin. For decades scientists had no clue what glial cells actually did, thinking they were just part of your brains structure -- but not function. The most dramatic breakthroughs in neuroscience are centered on a new understanding of the actual function of glial cells; discoveries that you can use to help improve your mind and mood.

When your cells burn calories in their Krebs cycle engines they produce energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Like money in your wallet, ATP is your cells energy currency. It builds up in cells and can be spent as needed to do things. When you run low on ATP you get tired or fatigued.

One major discovery is that glial cells use ATP to communicate, which is different from energy-related use. Another major discovery is that glial cells are the primary regulators of neurons; they must have ATP to tell neurons what to do. This means that your brain uses energy to communicate.

If you run low on energy your brain does not communicate and your neurotransmitters do not flow in an optimal way. These discoveries are of fundamental importance, creating a new understanding of mental well being based on the now proven fact that your overall supply of energy (ATP) is the single most important factor determining the health of your mind and mood.

Stress implies that there is an increased demand of a physical or emotional nature, meaning that more energy (ATP) is required to deal with the issue. If you do not have enough ATP on hand you will feel irritable, tired, have a poor mood, and it will seem like the burden of stress is causing wear and tear.

You can condition your body to have more ATP by exercising. Exercising turns on genes that produce greater amounts of ATP. A person who is fit has more ATP at rest (like having a well-charged battery), more ATP that can spring into action to meet demands, and a better ability to keep making ATP to keep up with ongoing needs and pressures. This is why refreshing exercise is so beneficial to mood and vital for anyone whose mental frame of mind is not up to par.

Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is formulated to rapidly produce ATP in cells. It uses co-enzyme B vitamins, which are already in their energized state, and needed to power your Krebs cycle cellular ATP-producing engines. Plain B vitamins are not biologically active, meaning they require ATP to digest them and ATP to energize them into their coenzyme forms -- a process that does not work so well if you are already tired.*

Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is also formulated with special Krebs bioactive cofactors, such as malic acid, which are needed to produce ATP and offset fatigue. The malic acid is bound to magnesium, another vital nutrient for ATP production. There is no other multiple vitamin like this on the market today -- we made it this way specifically so that you could feel an energetic difference, including improved mental energy.*

A variety of other nutrients will work synergistically with Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin for the production of ATP -- but all other nutrients play off the foundation provided by our Daily Energy Multi. This is the starting point for anyone to boost energy and mood.

Some people under very high stress require large amounts of B vitamins to keep nerves energized. One strategy is to boost Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin from 2-3 a day up to 6 a day. Another strategy is to use our Super Coenzyme B Complex, which can be used in conjunction with Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin or even by itself. Many individuals take extra B vitamins on days they known they have more to do or days that will be more challenging in some way -- lowering the dose on subsequent days that are not as demanding.

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