Take the Thyroid Quiz

  1. Are you normal body weight?

  2. Do you have a history of yo-yo dieting?

  3. Are you fatigued?

  4. Are you cold (prone to cold hands/feet)?

  5. Does your head feel too heavy or tired?

  6. Does your energy drop in the afternoon?

  7. Is there a swelling of the throat area or do you have a voice-strain problem (raspy, course or weak voice not from a smoking history)?

  8. Do you have constipation (bowel straining or not eliminating daily)?

  9. Is the outside portion of your eyebrows thinning or gone?

  10. Do you have dry skin?

  11. Do you have dark patches or rough skin on your elbows?

  12. Are your muscles weak, achy or prone to cramping?

  13. Do you have vertical ridges on your nails?

  14. Do your fingernails break, crack, split, or peel?

  15. Is your hair falling out or thinning?


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