Thyroid Energy Package

The Thyroid Energy Package™ contains three nutritional supplements that help to improve thyroid and metabolism, increase energy, and boost mood, naturally. We group these supplements because they work synergistically to naturally improve thyroid function. Experience the energy difference with the Wellness Resources Thyroid Energy Package.*

  • Increase energy, especially afternoon energy*
  • Naturally improve metabolism and weight management*
  • Increase energy and combat stress with coenzyme b-vitamins*
  • Unique science-based natural thyroid supplements*
  • No stimulants or animal glandulars

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Sluggish Thyroid?

Many individuals have symptoms of sluggish thyroid and metabolism, including low body temperature, weight gain, trouble losing weight and keeping it off, constipation, poor mood, dry skin, and energy problems in the afternoon. There is no need to struggle with hibernating metabolism, a dull and heavy head, feeling too cold, and too much fatigue. The Thyroid Energy Package offers significant nutritional support to help improve and maintain the healthy function of thyroid hormone. By nourishing the formation and activation of thyroid hormone you will be amazed how much better you feel.*

The Thyroid Energy Package contains: Thyroid Helper®, Iosol Iodine, and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™. These supplements work together to naturally support healthy thyroid function, energy, and metabolism.*

Thyroid Helper®

Thyroid Helper® sets the gold standard for natural thyroid support. It is a truly innovative nutritional supplement and works well with Wellness Resources Iosol Iodine and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin to naturally support healthy metabolism. Thyroid Helper® works by enhancing the formation of thyroid hormone, protecting the thyroid gland and liver so they can more efficiently produce and activate thyroid hormone, and making it easier for your body to increase its production of biologically active thyroid hormone (T3). The nutrients in Thyroid Helper® also support weight management and cholesterol fitness - areas that are typically important to most people struggling to maintain healthy thyroid function.* 

There are no stimulants or animal glandulars in Thyroid Helper. Thyroid Helper® may be used along with your thyroid medication as it will simply help the medication work better within the tissues. Thyroid Helper® is not replacement thyroid hormone, rather it provides nutrients that improves the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone (T4) to active thyroid hormone (T3), along with improving the transport and absorption of activated thyroid hormone into cell tissues to turn on metabolism. Each of these mechanisms requires proper nourishment in order to adequately function. Thyroid Helper® provides the essential nutrients for optimum thyroid function. Read more about Thyroid Helper®.

Recommended dose: 1-2 capsules with each meal. Common dose is 3 capsules per day.

Iosol Iodine

Iosol Iodine is a unique form of iodine. It assists formation of thyroid hormone, helps warm up body temperature, and is a protective nutrient.*

Iosol Iodine is different than potassium iodine, sodium iodine, or plain kelp. Iosol is a proprietary iodine formulation that has been in widespread use since 1945. Iosol Iodine is a water soluble form of iodine and readily available for your body to absorb and use. We do not recommend potassium iodine because is not very soluble in water and may be difficult for your body to easily use. In fact, potassium iodide has been shown to congest the thyroid gland when taken in high doses and is how Hashimoto's thyroiditis was first discovered (Japanese citizens consuming too many sea vegetables).

The most commonly used dose of Iosol Iodine is 1-5 drops mixed in a few ounces of water. Each drop has 1.8 mg of iodine. Adequate iodine tends to keep your head more awake during the day, helps support your energy level, and helps you warm up (if you are cold).* Many people take 1-5 drops of Iosol Iodine per day, using enough to feel warmer and more energetic. While this can be taken all at once in the morning, some like to split the dose and take some in the afternoon as well. You may take up to 5 drops, 3 times per day, depending on improvement you see. Iosol Iodine is one of the best nutrients for natural thyroid support, especially helping those who are cold to warm up and get on track.* Read more about Iosol Iodine.

Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin

Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin contains highly absorbable pre-energized vitamins and minerals to enhance energy production, stress tolerance, and healthy thyroid function. It contains key nutrients including coenzyme B12, zinc, and methylfolate, that are especially important for the enzymes that make thyroid hormone. A lack of B12 is commonly found in those struggling with thyroid function, along with poor mood. Daily Energy does NOT contain stimulants.*

Some people ask: "If I'm already taking a multivitamin do I really need Daily Energy?" Well, Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is not just any multivitamin. It is a breakthrough in bioactive nutrients that contains all co-enzyme B vitamins and special mineral transporters. We designed this product to enhance cellular uptake of vital nutrients to carry out the instructions of thyroid hormone within cells so that energy is actually made. Take a look at your multiple vitamin. If the form of B12 is called cyanocobalamin, you are getting the low quality form of B12 that actually makes cyanide in the first step of metabolism! Cyanide metabolites are very hard on the thyroid -- only cheap vitamin companies put this low grade B12 in their products. In contrast, Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin contains coenzyme B12 called methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin that the body can easily absorb and use for energy. In fact, these are the only type of b-vitamins that are used by people who are fatigued. We strongly recommend trying this supplement out! As part of the Thyroid Energy Package, you should notice a true energy difference usually within the first week of taking the supplements!* Read more about Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin.

Recommended dose: 1-2 capsules with each meal. Common dose is 3 capsules per day.

1-month supply includes: 1 Thyroid Helper (90 caps), 1 Iosol Iodine (1 oz), 1 Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin (90 caps)

2-month supply includes: 1 Thyroid Helper (180 caps), 1 Iosol Iodine (1 oz), 2 Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin (90 caps each)

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