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Earn Points

Earn 3 points for every $1 you spend.

Refer Friends and you each get 1,000 bonus points worth $10 in supplements!

Get Rewarded

Get a $10 supplement credit for every 1,000 points you earn!
As you checkout online, you'll be able to easily use your points as payment.

Exclusive Benefits

Earn points throughout the
year to qualify for Silver, Gold, or Platinum member benefits! See exclusive benefits below.

It's Easy & Free!

Earn and redeem points when you order online, over the phone, or in-store. Just log in to your account as you order online. It's completely FREE!

Exclusive Member Benefits

Receive extra benefits when you reach Silver, Gold, or Platinum member status! The member status you achieve by the end of each calendar year will be locked in for the following year.

Member Status Qualifying Points1,000 - 2,9993,000 - 7,4997,500 +
 1,000 points earned gives you a $10 supplement creditYesYesYes
 Exclusive email specials and discountsYesYesYes
 One FREE Bonus Supplement when you place an order in January or August*YesYes
 FREE U.S. standard shippingYesYes
$25 Bonus Reward Coupon**Yes
$50 Bonus Reward Coupon**Yes
Exclusive bonus giveaways throughout the year!Yes

* You will receive an email in January and August with the free supplement of the month and a coupon code for redemption.
** Bonus coupons are sent out once per year at the beginning of January, and are base on total points accumulation from the previous year.


How do I earn Wellness Rewards points?

When you place a supplement order online, just log in with your Wellness Resources account (or create an account if it’s your first online order) and you will automatically earn three Wellness Rewards points for every $1 you spend. Check your My Account page on to see your point balance. If you order over the phone or in-store, you can also earn points automatically once we activate your free Wellness Rewards account.
Refer Friends and you each get 1,000 bonus points worth $10 in supplements! Click here to refer >

How do I redeem my points?

When you order online, you will have the opportunity to use your points as payment. Every 1,000 points gives you a $10 supplement credit! Once you have 1,000 points, your points will appear on in the checkout process on the payment page. Under "How would you like to pay", click "Wellness Rewards", enter the amount of points you would like to us and click "Apply". You can then pay for the rest of your order with a credit card. If you are ordering over the phone, just ask us to apply your points towards payment. You may use your points anytime; they never expire! Please note, if your point balance is under 1,000, the option to use Wellness Rewards points as you checkout will not show.

What are Member Status Qualifying Points?

Member Status Qualifying Points (MSQP) are the points that you earn in a single calendar year that qualify you for Gold, Silver, or Platinum status. These points are earned by making supplement purchases. Bonus Points are not added to your MSQP unless specifically noted. The member status you establish in a calendar year is valid for the following calendar year.

What are Bonus Points?

Bonus Points may be earned for referring friends, reaching Gold or Platinum status, and taking advantage of bonus specials (sent via email). Bonus Points are added to your total Wellness Rewards points and may be used as payment towards purchases. Bonus Points are not added to your yearly Member Status Qualifying Points.

How do I earn points for referring friends?

When you refer a friend to Wellness Resources you each get 1,000 bonus points worth $10 in supplements! If your friend plans to order online, click here to refer your friend online. If your friend plans to order over the phone or in-store, you may either use the same online page to refer or just have them mention your name and the $10 bonus when they order.

How do I reach Silver, Gold, or Platinum status?

In a calendar year, when you earn 1,000 Member Status Qualifying Points (MSQP), you will be at the Silver level. When you earn 3,000 MSQP you will be at the Gold level, and when you earn 7,500 MSQP you will be at the Platinum level. MSQP are earned when you order supplements. Bonus Points do not count towards MSQP. Your MSQP will reset each calendar year on January 1. However, your total points earned will never expire. You may use those points at any time towards supplement orders.

What if I have multiple online accounts?

We recommend using one "Primary Account" to place your orders so that you can accrue the most points possible and get the highest rewards. If you'd like account assistance, just call Wellness Resources at 800-717-9355.

How do I sign up for Wellness Rewards?

No need to sign up for Wellness Rewards. Just log in to your account as you checkout online to earn points, or create a new account if it is your first time ordering or if you've checked out as a guest in the past.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum level to earn merchandise credit is 1,000 Wellness Rewards Points. Once you reach 1,000 Wellness Rewards Points, you may use these points as payment during checkout.
  2. Points can be earned by making in-store, phone, and website purchases.
  3. Shipping, sales tax, coupon discounts, point redemptions, and returns are not included in total points earned.
  4. Refunds and credits are automatically deducted from your total points.
  5. Member Status Qualifying Points (MSQP) accrue annually, beginning January 1 and ending December 31. Your MSQP total determines your membership status for the year (silver, gold, platinum). MSQPs are not transferable or cumulative from year to year. However, when you reach a membership status of silver, gold, or platinum in a calendar year, you will receive the same member benefits the next calendar year.
  6. Points may not be redeemed for cash or gift cards, nor can they be transferred to another account.
  7. The Wellness Rewards program began September 14, 2012. Only orders placed after that date will receive points.
  8. To earn points for orders placed on www.wellnessresources.com, you must log in to your Wellness Resources account when you order. Guest users will not receive points.
  9. Wellness Resources Inc. reserves the right to alter or terminate the Wellness Rewards Program or portions thereof at any time, without notice to participating members. Wellness Resources reserves the right to change the terms at any time with or without prior notice or consent. By use of Wellness Resources Wellness Rewards Program benefits, you agree to the Program's terms and conditions. Any changes made to the Wellness Rewards Program will be available on the Wellness Rewards home page.