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Dealing with Stress During Pregnancy

A pregnancy that is running smoothly is a huge metabolic demand on your body, in essence a form of stress in and of itself. The last thing you need is more energy-sapping stress. Trying to do too much (which can simply mean your formerly normal routine) or having to deal with emotional tension or pressures is key factors that must be managed well. Women who have a history of trouble with their mood are much more likely to have issues during and following pregnancy. This is extremely undesirable as pregnancy-related emotional stress impacts on the developing nervous system and often results in fetal programming that makes your child have difficulty managing stress in later life.

You must have adequate energy to manage stress. All topics previously discussed, especially if you are lacking nutrients mentioned in one or more of the various categories, will magnify your reaction to stress during pregnancy and set the stage for poor mood during or following pregnancy.

Women who know they are stress sensitive should do everything in their power to set the stage for a pregnancy and postpartum time period that are as stable and stress-free as possible. Life has a tendency to throw curve balls at you -- do what you can to stay in control of as much as possible. Life-related planning and preparation can help keep stress to a minimum, thereby promoting a healthy pregnancy and an environment in which your baby can thrive.

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