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Nutrients for Cell Membrane Health

The health of your cell membranes is critically important to your rate of aging, overall structural integrity, proper metabolism, cardiovascular health, and ability to quench inflammatory wear and tear. Cell membranes are composed mostly of fatty acids that are held together by phospholipids. Phospholipids align fatty acids into the cell membrane bi-layer (instead of just being blobs of fat) and are responsible for a cells elasticity, fluidity, and electrical potentials, enabling other compounds and nutrients to move in and out of the cell in a healthy way.

Cell membranes are active in numerous processes, including processes outside of the cell. For example, the types of fatty acids in cell membranes determine how well your cells manage inflammation. Too many French fires, potato chips, and vegetable oils and your cell membranes are in trouble. Essential fatty acids like DHA and GLA (as found in Leptinal®)really help cell membranes function better. Cell membranes that are in good condition also naturally produce hyaluronic acid to help maintain the structure which connects cells together.

Calcium AEP is a top nutrient for supporting cell membrane health, especially for cells that form the sheathing of nerves a great nutrient to assist pain management. Other good cell membrane nutrients include essential fatty acids like DHA(cardiovascular and mood health), and phosphatidyl serine (memory and stress tolerance). Fat soluble antioxidants help protect cell membranes (like tocotrienols, Q10, and lipoic acid), and are not discussed in this section.

Calcium AEP is 10% calcium bound to 90% Amino Ethanol Phosphate (AEP, also known as colamine phosphate). It is the AEP part that gives this product its unique characteristics. AEP is attracted to cell membranes, giving rise to its nickname membrane integrity factor. It was discovered in 1941 by biochemist Erwin Chargaff. Hans Nieper, a German physician, popularized its use beginning in the 1960s. Our Calcium AEP supplement provides 900 mg of AEP per capsule, an excellent level of natural dietary support.*

Thus, AEP is a natural component of the cell membrane and is involved in maintaining the proper electrical charges on the surface of cell membranes as well as supporting the cells structural integrity. Properly energized cell membranes help protect the cell from toxins or other foreign substances. At the same time, the transport systems of nutrition into the cell and waste products out of the cell are supported.*

In a properly nourished state, cell membranes retain the electrical charges of calcium, magnesium, and potassium ions. From a cells point of view, this is like having a charged car battery. Because Calcium AEP is highly attracted to the phospholipid-rich structure of nerve membranes (like the myelin sheathing), this helps boost nerve cell integrity and support the energy needed for normal electrical nerve conduction. Calcium itself is also important for normal nerve transmission. Stress and various forms of wear and tear take their toll on nerves. Calcium AEP is a stellar nerve support nutrient.

Another nutrient with similar phospholipids-building properties is PhosphatidylSerine (PS). PS is a highly regarded memory and coordination nutrient, known to boost stress tolerance. It is especially good to help offset the physically draining aspects of emotional stress. Because it is the fastest acting nutrient for short term memory students often use it while cramming for an exam.

Last but not least are the essential fatty acids, especially DHA and GLA. Both of these important fats are needed for cell membranes to function in an optimal way, especially in terms of inflammation management. Our premier product for this is Leptinal® which contains DHA from molecularly distilled fish oil (free of mercury) and GLA from borage oil.

  • Calcium AEP
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    Calcium AEP is an amazing form of calcium that helps nourish the myelin sheathing of nerves. It is 10% calcium bound to 90% Amino Ethanol Phosphate (AEP). AEP is attracted to cell membranes throughout the body, especially cells protecting nerves (myelin sheathing). AEP supports the structural integrity of cell membranes, helping to build the phospholipid layer of the cell. Since nerve cells are very high in phospholipids, it is excellent nutritional support for nerves and helps buffer against the demands of stress.*

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  • PhosphatidylSerine
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    Builds highly electrical brain cells, fastest acting nutrient for short-term memory, focus, and coordination. Helps improve the function of the adrenal-based stress response system enabling your core limbic system to better process stress demands in an appropriate way. Many students use this nutrient to help boost memory retention while studying and offset the stress associated with an upcoming test.*

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  • Leptinal®
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    Leptinal® contains a potent array of brain-friendly leptin-support nutrients, all in one softgel capsule. It contains our mercury-free DHA, the finest essential fatty acid available in the world and a proven nutrient during pregnancy for proper nerve and eye health. Each capsule has 500 mg of fish oil providing 250 mg of DHA. Provides comprehensive cardiovascular support nutrients.*

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