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Digestive Lining Support

If you have a problem with your digestive tract it can be a major leak in your structural dam. This is because the health of the lining of your GI tract gets first dibs on structural nutrients, a survival system of nutrient distribution. Because many cells lining your digestive tract have a high need for glutamine, both for structure and energy, the need for this nutrient can go up dramatically if the GI tract is struggling. Muscle proteins will be taken apart in order to provide nourishment for the GI tract. Furthermore, a struggling digestive system may not be able to digest protein very well, creating further deficiency.

Our GI & Muscle Helper product should be used by any person who has a combination of digestive weakness and a lack of muscle vitality. Such problems are often accompanied by dry eyes, dry lips, dry mouth, and/or dry skin. This is because the nutrients needed to form the mucoproteins that line the digestive tract are also in short supply, causing dryness issues in other areas of your body.

GI & Muscle Helper contains glutamine, the primary amino acid that naturally occurs in the structure of the GI tract. It is also used by GI tract cells to produce energy. In fact, more GI tract energy is derived from the metabolism of glutamine than from glucose. Supplemental glutamine is immediately available for digestive tract nutrition.*

Glutamine is also a major component of muscle and is needed for muscle health. GI & Muscle Helper can also be added to our Daily Protein Plus to boost muscle recovery from exercise. As your kidneys metabolize glutamine, bicarbonate is produced, assisting in maintaining proper blood pH.*

Our GI & Muscle Helper also contains N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG), a key nutrient that helps form mucin within the digestive tract. Mucin is a mucoprotein that acts as a lubricant, forming a natural barrier that helps protect the digestive lining. Adequate mucin supports healthy intestinal permeability, assisting digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. NAGs have been shown to interact with many cell receptors on organisms or food components existing within the GI tract, helping to support healthy digestive processes.*

Digestive problems can use up to ten fold the amount of structural nutrients, compared to a digestive tract that is working well. If you have such issues it is important to solve them. See our Digestive Health section for more assistance, as needed.

  • GI & Muscle Helper
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    Contains glutamine (an amino acid) and N-Acetyl-glucosamine (a carbohydrate) that are primary nutrients used by the lining of the digestive tract for healthy structure. Our most popular product to help the GI tract recover from wear and tear.*

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  • Turmeric Gold
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    Turmeric Gold contains a patented, water-dispersible turmeric extract with superior curcuminoid bioavailability.

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    10 powerful nutrients for hair, skin, and nails.*

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