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Thyroid and Bone Health

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is generally thought of as a message going from your pituitary gland to your thyroid gland, telling your thyroid to get going. In addition to this primary function of TSH, the new science shows that TSH directly communicates to the osteoblasts in bone (the bone building carpenters), who have TSH receptors on them. In fact, osteoblasts are listening for TSH instructions in order to pick up their hammers and go to work – while at the same time telling osteoclasts not to work too hard.

A number of studies demonstrate that either too little or too much TSH is hard on your bones. What you are looking for is an appropriate and consistent amount of TSH.

Furthermore, basic thyroid hormone (T4) must be converted to active thyroid hormone (T3), as it is the T3 that works within your bones and sets the energetic tempo of the osteoblast bone-building carpenters so that they have the energy to do a full day’s work. Prior to this new information it was simply thought that the condition of hyperthyroid was bad for bones because the hyper metabolic state simply burned bones up faster. While that is still true, we now see that maintaining optimal and efficient function of thyroid hormone has a direct bearing on how the synthesis of new bone mass is managed by your body. This is not a topic of passive concern as regards your bone density. Rather, it is one of extreme importance helping top-level managers (like your thyroid system) make sure adequate bone is made.

The use of nutrition in support of your thyroid is to help form hormone by providing nutrients that are used in its formation and activation – as well as providing nutrients that help protect against the stressors that tend to throw a monkey wrench in optimal thyroid function.*

Best Supplements for Thyroid Support

  • Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin
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    Co-enzyme B vitamins are highly efficient in metabolism to help turn on cellular energy production.* These nutrients work extremely well with Thyroid Helper™ and Iosol Iodine.

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  • Thyroid Helper®

    Most popular thyroid supplement to improve energy, mood, motivation, and weight management. Specialty formula to enhance conversion of basic thyroid hormone T4 to active T3. Essential nutrition for anyone with thyroid issues.*

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  • Strengthener Plus
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    Contains bioactive zinc citrate/ picolinate that helps thyroid hormone bind to the DNA receptors inside cells (these are called zinc fingers). Helpful for fatigue, loss of sex drive, weak fingernails.*

    63 100 capsules $20.00 $16.00
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  • Iosol Iodine
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    Aids natural formation of thyroid hormone. Safest and most effective type of iodine for thyroid function. Helps warm up body temperature.*

    60 1 fluid ounce $19.00 $15.20
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  • Blood Booster
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    Contains high quality iron bisglycinate. A lack of iron in cells can cause fatigue because iron is needed to implement the cellular response to thyroid hormone. Helpful for fatigue, vertical grooves in finger nails.*

    59 180 capsules $35.00 $28.00
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