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Handling Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy, partly due to elevated progesterone levels, partly due to thyroid struggles, and partly due to the digestive tract being compressed by the growing baby. Iron and calcium, both important for pregnancy, can also tilt one in the direction of constipation. Of course, if you are prone to constipation the problem is likely to be worse during pregnancy. Regular moderate exercise, like walking, always helps -- as does adequate dietary fiber and water consumption. Eating prunes or drinking prune juice can be used if it is helpful.

Constipation during pregnancy is a problem that needs to be solved. Toxins that should be eliminated can re-enter the body and toxins needing to be cleared are not able to get out at the proper rate. Such toxic excess can, in some cases, cross the placenta and interfere with your baby's health. Minimally, it can make you tired and irritable -- a definite form of energy-sapping stress.

During pregnancy the best basic approach is to have extra fiber to help provide stool bulk and keep your bowels moving. One bowel movement per day, hopefully without any straining, is the minimum. Our Fiber Helper is a combination of three different forms of soluble fiber, without any sweeteners. It is easy to mix and has a naturally pleasant taste. If needed, small amounts of natural bowel stimulants can be used, but not high doses that may trigger digestive or uterine cramping. Our best supplement for this purpose is Motility Helper, taking 1-2 capsules at bed.*

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