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Coenzyme Q10 & Blood Pressure

A 2007 meta analysis of all Q10 clinical trials relating to blood pressure showed that Q10 is indeed a helpful nutrient for blood pressure fitness. It is well known that Q10 is highly concentrated in the heart and a great nutrient to support the energy production needs of the heart. An efficiently working heart muscle is required for optimal blood pressure function. Because Q10 helps to make energy and offset fatigue, it is especially helpful in any person who is tired.*

Q10 also works in the general circulation. As an antioxidant, Q10 works synergistically with vitamin E to help neutralize free radicals that could otherwise be a cardiovascular irritant. By helping to energize cell membranes, Q10 assists the cells lining your arteries to promote efficient function. The net result of the multiple actions of coenzyme Q10 is that it helps the natural movement of circulation and supports healthy blood pressure fitness.*

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