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Tips for Those with Fibromyalgia

One of the nutritional challenges in trying to help people who are struggling with fibromyalgia is to help them get their natural detoxification systems in better working condition. A person with fibro will usually think they need every single product described in this detoxification section.

In reality they just need to get started and see how they do. They can't do too much too fast as their detox systems are too backed up in the first place. They are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, where doing nothing just lets toxic lymph stagnation build up and doing very little triggers lactic acid overload in their muscles.

The way out of this mess is easy does it. The basic protocol of Daily Detoxify, Immune Plus, and Fiber Helper (if sluggish/irritated bowels or dietary fiber is low) as given at the beginning of this section, along with Muscle Mag, are the best products to start out on. More is not necessarily better. Try to find some improvement and as you improve then do more stretching and mild activity on a gradual basis. As your fitness improves your detoxification capacity will improve.*

Some people feel so much better so fast they think they are normal again. This is not the case, so don't do too much too fast just because you feel better or you will most likely have a setback. Pace yourself, as you improve your detoxification systems, then gradually improve your activity level. After a few months you truly can get to a better place, reflected in the number of quality hours in your day compared to when you started.

Consult our Fibromyalgia page for more information.