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Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

The nausea and sometimes vomiting during pregnancy often starts between 4-6 weeks and may last until weeks 12-14. Since there are so many changes going on in your body during this time nobody has been able to nail down a precise cause -- but it sure can be annoying and get in the way of you getting needed nutrition into your body.

Avoid greasy and spicy food during this time, and use bland foods especially in the morning. Dry toast or soda crackers upon arising may help "mop up" the gunk in your tummy and settle things down. Eating four smaller meals per day four hours apart may work better than three meals per day. Try to avoid eating five to six small meals, as doing so may disturb leptin function that is vital to healthy pregnancy. Vitamin B6 may be helpful (as found in Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin, Super B Complex, or Blood Booster). Vitamins may need to be taken at lunch or dinner during this time. Some women report that the smell of fresh lemons is helpful.

One of the best natural remedies I have used over the years is a supplement called GI Soother. This is a concentrate of specially filtered whey proteins that are very helpful for nausea, as well as overall digestive health (including constipation). It is usually helpful in a dose of 1 heaping teaspoon up to 1 heaping tablespoon, mixed in several ounces of water or juice. If helpful, it can be used in any amount as often as desired. It works a high percentage of the time and is certainly worth a try.*

I have also formulated Digestive Helper, a special digestive enzyme supplement that contains ginger and slippery elm, two herbs that soothe digestion and help allieviate nausea. Specially formulated plant enzymes help provide extra digestive power so that indigestion is less likely. This supplement can help your appetite and certainly helps your digestion. It may be used with any meal in any phase of pregnancy simply to help digestion. Take 1-2 capsules with meals. Take an hour before meals if lacking appetite or queasy.