Mary's Favorite Bone Supplements


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Mary's Favorite Bone Supplements

As women, it's so important that we keep up our bone strength as we get older. It IS possible to build back bones after menopause. Our bodies are constantly breaking down old bone and building new bone. So, making sure we have enough bone building nutrition is crucial!

My favorite bone building duo is Wellness Resources Daily Bone Xcel and Bone & Joint Helper. Daily Bone Xcel has the most absorbable forms of calcium along with cofactor nutrients that help calcium absorb into bones. Avoid cheap calcium such as calcium carbonate, as it is not effective.

Bone & Joint Helper contains some unique nutrients that help keep up bone density. It pairs perfectly with Daily Bone Xcel. I also do some strength exercises with weights to help tell my bones to build themselves up.

  • Daily Bone Xcel
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    Premier bone building supplement. Contains high quality MCHC calcium and coral calcium, along with the important bone building nutrients vitamin D, vitamin K, boron, and more.

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  • Bone & Joint Helper

    A unique nutritional supplement formulated to improve bone strength. It includes several powerhouse nutrients for bone and joint health: CalZBone, 5-Loxin boswellia, FruiteX-B, vitamin K2 as MK-7, and vitamin D.*

    94 90 capsules $41.00 $30.75
    25% off!