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Eating Food Before Sleep

While it is quite obvious that you can't eat and sleep at the same time, there is a profound inter-relationship in the way eating and sleep influence each other. For example, when you don't get enough sleep you are going to be tired and your body will feel stressed easier. This causes you to eat more food to try and get energy, especially if youre having a stressful day after a poor nights sleep.

Such calories have a high likelihood of turning into extra pounds on your gut, hips, or thighs. Furthermore, the extra fat blobs in your blood (triglycerides) reduce how well leptin gets into your brain, making you hungrier and less likely to sleep well, a vicious circle.

Leptin levels naturally rise in a 24-hour pattern (as different from the mealtime full signal). The highest natural level of leptin should be at night right before bed, so it can enter your brain and conduct the proper hormonal orchestra that synchronizes rejuvenating sleep.

Leptin has an opposite hormone signal called ghrelin, which stimulates your appetite (especially for carbohydrates). Ghrelin is
made in your stomach, and needs to be working in harmony with leptin. When you have too much ghrelin you are too hungry too often, with difficult cravings after dinner. As ghrelin problems lock into place over time it is typical that glucose problems also occur, meaning that both are too high before bed.

New science shows that problems with excess ghrelin and blood sugar are a form of stress that causes excessive arousal, interfering with your sleep departments efforts. Some people are certain they must eat before bed or they can't get to sleep. If this is the case with you then you need to read the section Pleasure, Arousal, Stress, & Food Does Sleep Have a Chance?

If you must eat something then have the smallest amount of carbohydrates that let you get to sleep (which does turn down the arousal system), but then work on actually solving the problem so you simply are not hungry before bed or feeling revved up when it is time for sleep (real health).

Following any of the advice that pertains to you in the previous sleep sections will help with this issue. However, you may need some extra nutrient support to neutralize nighttime cravings. Any one or any combination of these supplements can be taken after dinner or before bed to help you out, as needed. You will notice that when the cravings are better you fall asleep much easier.

  • LeptiSlim®

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  • Cinnamon Plus

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  • Calcium AEP
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    A unique form of calcium that is attracted into nerves. Calcium can help lower a powerful appetite signal called neuropeptide Y (NPY). Calcium actually regulates Agouti gene, which tells NPY what to do. Use 2-3 as needed for craving assistance.

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