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Weight Loss Before Pregnancy

If you are struggling with body weight prior to pregnancy you are wrestling with an inefficient leptin system that will invariably increase the risk for problems during and following pregnancy. Whenever possible, you should be at a proper body weight for at least six months prior to getting pregnant. Minimally, you should have weight issues trending consistently in the right direction before getting pregnant.

In addition to the Leptin Diet and consistent refreshing exercise, various nutritional supplements can assist your body so that leptin functions more normally. This can significantly assist you in your weight management efforts. Any effort to lose weight should take place before pregnancy. Any caloric restriction during pregnancy that is intended as a weight loss effort is not healthy and should never be done.*

The Leptin Control Pack® is a convenient collection of our most popular weight management supplements. These are an ideal tool to assist weight loss prior to pregnancy, in combination with
diet and exercise. There are no metabolic stimulants or calorie-blocking compounds in the Leptin Control Pack®, which means it may also be taken during pregnancy. In fact, the nutrients in the Leptin Control Pack® are an ideal array of nutrients to help manage thyroid issues, stress, and blood sugar metabolism.*

The Leptin Control Pack® will not interfere with the natural storage of fat that is needed during pregnancy. To the contrary, it supports healthy leptin function during pregnancy. This may be quite helpful for a person who is overweight going into pregnancy or someone with a yo-yo dieting history prior to pregnancy.*

  • Leptin Control Pack®

    This is our most popular support package for weight management before pregnancy. Take one pack in the morning and one pack in the middle of the afternoon to sustain energy and burn calories. One to two packs a day may be taken during pregnancy to support the healthy function of leptin (it will not promote unnatural weight loss during pregnancy.)*

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