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Antioxidants for Skin & Collagen

About one third of the protein in your body is used to form collagen, the primary structural protein that forms the matrix of your connective tissues and organs, including your skin. Bone is fifty percent collagen that has been mineralized for a more rigid structure. Skin is seventy-five percent collagen and is a highly flexible structure. If you do not have enough structural integrity in your skin it falls down over time due to gravity and crumples in on itself to form wrinkles. 

Collagen fibers are wrapped into a triple-stranded helix that form high tensile strength cords. Collagen requires vitamin C for synthesis. Sulfur-containing links (disulfide bonds) hold your collagen fibers together. Nutrients like MSM sulfur and bioflavonoids such as grape seed proanthocyanidins naturally support these bonds, helping to maintain the natural strength and flexibility of collagen. In comparison, Hyalauronic Acid (previous section) is the flexible goo that fills in between the collagen strands, as well as acting as the foundation or template of the various tissue or organ structures.*

Skin Rejuvenator is a great combination of nutrients that assist the formation of skin structure as well as providing specific antioxidants known to help protect the skin. This product actually helps all connective tissues in your body. It also contains powerful antioxidants that are designed to deactivate a specific type of free radical known as singlet oxygen, the one that is generated by ionizing radiation of the sun.

The nutrients in Skin Rejuvenator that participate in antioxidant processes are lycopene, green tea polyphenols, and grape seed extracts. We use only the highest potency standardized extracts to ensure optimal results. Lycopene is the first antioxidant used upon sun exposure. It is excellent protection for the skin as well as providing general protection for other important body areas. Green Tea Polyphenols contains powerful antioxidants polyphenols that have been demonstrated to reduce chemicals from binding to your skin. Each capsule contains 50 mg of the most helpful grape seed extract available in the world, which contains the powerful B2-3-o-gallate antioxidant (not in pine bark). Studies show this antioxidant protects melanocytes from free radical damage.*

Skin Rejuvenator also supplies raw material nutrients known to assist the structure of healthy skin and all connective tissues. The reason we have so much high quality grape seed extract in this product is because this nutrient is not only a great antioxidant, it is a truly superior collagen-strengthening compound.*

Grape seed extracts actually attach themselves to weak collagen and directly strengthen it. They are a rich source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) which have a very high affinity for collagen, acting as a phenomenal anti-wear and tear nutrient. Research shows they are highly attracted to your skin where they lend structural support and antioxidant protection to help your skin maintain its health.*

Another key nutrient to fortify collagen strength and flexibility is MSM Sulfur, long coined the beauty mineral. It is highly concentrated in the proteins that form skin, hair, and nails. Sulfur is required for the synthesis of connective tissue. This nutrient enhances the strength of the disulfide bonds that hold collagen strands in proper form. MSM sulfur is a unique way to boost dietary sulfur and contribute to overall body needs. As a natural form of sulfur found in fruits and vegetables, MSM is easy to absorb (water soluble) and easy for the body to use.

Glucosamine is the rate limiting nutrient in the formation of any connective tissue. If you don't have enough, then new tissue formation cannot progress no matter what other nutrients are present. It is also a key nutrient that forms dermatan sulfates; a primary structural matrix molecule of skin tissue.*

Because Skin Rejuvenator is so important to your structural health there are two capsules of it in each Rejuvenation Pack. It can be used with Hyaluronic Acid (listed above and also in the Rejuvenation Pack) for more comprehensive skin support. Other popular skin nutrients include Squalene (dry skin), Carnosine (skin anti-aging), Vitamin C (especially if immunity is low), and extra MSM sulfur (if hair is thinning or falling out).*

  • Skin Rejuvenator
    Reduced price!

    Skin Rejuvenator™ contains important nutrients for connective tissue formation and the structural integrity of collagen, including glucosamine, MSM sulfur, and grape seed proanthocyanidins. Also included are the special antioxidant nutrients lycopene and green tea, known to help protect your skin from chemicals and sun exposure.*

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  • Squalene
    Reduced price!

    Squalene is an oil naturally found in the sebaceous glands of your skin. It provides moisturizing lubrication as a natural barrier to help protect the surface of your skin. It is the top product for dry or cracking skin.*

    67 100 capsules $38.00 $30.40
    20% off!
  • Sulfur Plus
    Reduced price!

    Each capsule of Skin Rejuvenator™ contains 250 mg of MSM Sulfur. Our Sulfur Plus has 500 mg per capsule along with biotin, which also helps hair. Since sulfur is the main mineral of your hair, poor hair growth, lack of luster, thinning hair, or hair that is falling out too much are key signs you may need up to 3000 mg of MSM Sulfur per day.*

    62 100 capsules $21.00 $16.80
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  • C, Vitamin C Capsules
    Reduced price!

    Vitamin C is required to connect two amino acids together (proline and lysine) so that collagen can be formed in the first place. Skin is 75% collagen, so a lack of vitamin C is a problem. It is also good for boosting the immune system and offsetting stress. Up to 3,000 mg a day may help offset a wear and tear trend while assisting collagen formation.*

    37 100 capsules $18.00 $14.40
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  • Carnosine
    Reduced price!

    Carnosine is highly concentrated in the skin and muscles, acting in antioxidant processes. It has been shown to significantly improve the function of fibroblasts, which are the carpenter cells that actually build all your connective tissues including skin. Cell studies have shown that carnosine extends the lifespan of fibroblasts by 20%, a significant anti-aging finding.*

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  • C, Buffered Vitamin C Tablets
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    Highly-purified with no additives. Nutrient support for the immune system, adrenals and stress.* There are two vitamin C options: Vitamin C Capsules and Buffered C Tablets.

    204 100 tablets $18.00 $14.40
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  • Collagen Peptides
    Reduced price!

    Collagen Peptides nourish your body's collagen production and support healthy joints, skin, hair, and bones. Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen peptide proteins.*

    211 500 grams $40.00 $32.00
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    10 powerful nutrients for hair, skin, and nails.*

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