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Appetite & Craving Control

Many metabolic signals make you crave food. When leptin gets into your brain correctly it invariably lowers food cravings. Various nutrients are very helpful to keep your appetite in line. Soluble fiber is very helpful, in general, for this purpose. Fiber Helper is a high quality fiber option that easily mixes in water; taking one tablespoon with or before meals helps reduce overeating.*

Pine Nut Oil is well documented as a natural appetite suppressant. It also has a long, traditional use as a soothing digestive nutrient. Both Pine Nut Oil and fiber help appetite control while nourishing your digestive tract lining.*

LeptiSlim® contains bitter herbs that have a long, traditional use in controlling cravings for sweets. These herbs may also have a natural balancing effect on the bacterial/Candida contents of your digestive tract.*

New science is shedding light on one aspect of the nature of cravings, especially for carbohydrates. Your stomach's carbohydrate-desiring hunger signal, called ghrelin, is linked to other brain signals such as agouti related protein and neuropeptide Y. Extra calcium may help. I really like Calcium AEP in this regard because it is also very soothing to your nerves.*

  • Fiber Helper
    Reduced price!

    Fiber Helper™ provides a great source of three different soluble fibers that help absorb toxic waste products like a sponge (oat beta glucan, psyllium, and arabinogalactan). Many people do not get enough fiber because they do not eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Adequate fiber is essential for your bowels moving well and the final elimination of toxins, as well as a normal blood sugar and insulin response to a meal.*

    139 525 grams $41.00 $32.80
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  • LeptiSlim®
    Reduced price!

    Curbs appetite, reduces food cravings, increases metabolic rate, and helps promote stable blood sugar. One of our best products to help overcome food cravings, and may be taken as needed for this purpose.* Also in the Leptin Control Pack®.

    250 90 capsules $36.00 $27.00
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  • Calcium AEP
    Reduced price!

    A unique form of calcium that is attracted into nerves. Calcium can help lower a powerful appetite signal called neuropeptide Y (NPY). Calcium actually regulates Agouti gene, which tells NPY what to do. Use 2-3 as needed for craving assistance. Take 1-3 up to four times a day.*

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