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Men's Nutrition

Male hormones promote a higher percentage of muscle relative to fat. Maintaining muscle is the single most important factor that keeps male hormones in balance. Testosterone levels begin a continuous decline after age 35, thus it is more important than ever for a man to stay in good physical condition.

Declining testosterone leads to increased body fat, poor circulation, and a path away from health. Maintaining male health involves strength training exercise or physical work that uses muscles, and the ability to see muscles responding well to activity (strength is maintained or increased).

Unique problems are posed to men and prostate function by the estrogen-mimetic chemicals in environmental pollution, including many of the pesticides used on food.

Supporting the male hormone system nutritionally can be quite helpful for energy, muscles, drive, and more.*

  • Male +
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    Male Plus™ is designed to help the adrenal glands fortify the production of testosterone. It contains several herbs with long traditional use for male drive.*

    81 90 capsules $36.00 $28.80
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  • Performa Plus
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    Nutrient support for improving circulation, stamina, and sexual performance. The nutrients in Performa Plus also contain anti-fatigue properties and support healthy blood pressure.*

    87 90 capsules $44.00 $35.20
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  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
    Reduced price!

    Acetyl-l-carnitine (ALC) has been shown to improve nerve health, memory, blood pressure, fat metabolism, and sex hormone function in both men and women. A recent study showed that acetyl-l-carnitine improved male erectile function and offset age-associated decline in men ages 60 - 74.* Two capsules of ALC before aerobic exercise will enhance fat burning from exercise. ALC also helps nerve transmission and the ability of nerves to concentrate endorphins, helpful when under stress.*

    84 90 capsules $28.00 $22.40
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  • Male Support Package
    Reduced price!

    Top supplements for men’s health, drive, stamina.* Includes 1 bottle of each: Male + (90 caps), Performa Plus™ (90 caps), and Saw Palmetto (90 caps).

    $112.00 $89.60
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