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DHA Fish Oil

Wellness Resources® Daily DHA contains the highest quality mercury free fish oil, high in DHA omega-3 oil. DHA is needed for optimal brain function, focus, eye sight, and cardiovascular health. You get omega-3 oils from eating fatty fish like salmon or tuna. The problem is, you also get a dose of mercury from the same fish. Range raised animals that graze on grass have some omega-3 oil in their fat; however, most animals we eat do not graze on grass. Instead, they are fed corn or some other food that does not contain omega-3 oil. Therefore, most people are in need of supplemental essential fatty acids.*

An ideal diet would have at least one gram of omega-3 oil per day and up to six grams per day if you are seeking extra cardiovascular or weight management support.

For people who want to take additional DHA to support heart health and weight management, we have formulated a product called Leptinal®. It contains the same molecularly distilled DHA as in Daily DHA, but it also contains GLA and a wide variety of cardiovascular friendly nutrients including pomegranate, citrus methoxyflavones and tocotrienols.*

Leptinal® is also in our comprehensive cardiovascular health pack, LeptiCardio Pack and in our weight management pack, Leptin Control Pack. Our packs are designed so that you can modularly add them together to expand comprehensive health coverage for health issues that are important to you.*

  • Daily DHA
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    DHA has demonstrated the ability to strengthen heart function, generally acting as a cardiovascular tonic.* It is also known to enhance circulation and support the structural integrity of the lining of the arteries.*

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  • Leptinal®

    Leptinal® contains a potent array of heart friendly nutrients, all in one softgel capsule. Our mercury free DHA is the finest essential fatty acid available in the world and a proven nutrient for cardiovascular fitness.*

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  • DHA Kids
    Reduced price!

    Highest quality DHA in small gelcaps for children. Molecularly distilled and mercury free fish oil.

    111 90 capsules $18.00 $13.50
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