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Vein and Artery Health

The physical fitness of the heart and the integrity of arteries, veins, and capillaries are important to maintain in good health for blood pressure to work properly. Under the influence of stress or general wear and tear your small capillaries may become too permeable or weakened, allowing fluid to escape and build up in the extremities or within connective tissue.

You may notice your rings are tighter or there are sock lines on your legs. Such mild fluid retention can often be corrected with nutrients that help to reduce stress in the circulation and "seal up" the leaky capillaries, thus supporting healthy blood pressure fitness.*

Cardio Helper contains resveratrol, grape seed extract, hawthorn berry and horse chestnut, four powerful nutrients that nourish the lining of the arteries and capillaries so that their integrity is enhanced. This helps keep water correctly within the circulation and thus helps maintain correct blood pressure.*

  • Cardio Helper

    Cardio Helper™ includes the finest quality extracts of trans resveratrol, grape seed extracts, hawthorn, and horsechestnut. It is designed to support and enhance circulatory integrity and nourish your heart. By enhancing circulation, oxygen is more readily transported and made available to cells. This supports healthy blood pressure and effective delivery of nutrition to cells.*

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