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The Impact of Stress on Digestion

It is always possible that stress can be the entire cause of any digestive-related symptoms. This is because there are many nerve endings in your digestive tract, and stress chemicals banging into the wall of your digestive tract can produce any symptom of indigestion, irritation, and impaired or disrupted motility. In actual practice, stress is typically a percentage of the digestive problem which varies from person to person. The more wound up, anxious, or agitated a person feels, the more likely that stress is a large part of any digestive issue. Your digestive tract is capable of synthesizing any nerve-related signal made in your brain, thus there is considerable validity in the gut feeling. Almost everyone notices that their digestion works better when they are managing stress better.

If stress feels like it has tightened up your GI tract, RelaxaMag relieves tension and Calcium AEP enables your nerves to handle energy more efficiently so that stress does not impact your digestion as much. Digestive Helper can really help you digest
your food better if you are stressed or tired, but need to eat. Extra B Complex has a significant effect on improving digestion by boosting energetics within your digestive tract; they are good to use if you have been under prolonged stress and your digestion is suffering.*

You should always seek to use enough nutrition to help you cope more effectively with emotional challenges and physical demands. More tips are given on our Stress, Energy, and Mood Health Topic page.

  • RelaxaMag

    Magnesium is the most important nutrient for relaxation, including reducing stress-tension in the circulatory system.* Magnesium helps support the normal electrical rhythm of the heart, as well as promotes restful sleep when taken before bed.*

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  • Calcium AEP
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    Calcium AEP is a unique form of calcium to nourish the nerves and help reduce stress friction's impact on your digestive tract. It helps your nerves tolerate stress. It also helps you control your urge to eat in response to stress, especially cravings for carbohydrates. Take 1-3 up to four times a day.*

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  • Digestive Helper
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    Our premier digestive aid containing a wide spectrum of plant-derived enzymes to support the digestion of all types of food. These unique enzymes are active over a wide pH (3 to 9), and work in the upper portion of the stomach for a full hour after a meal has been eaten, thus reducing indigestion that typically occurs following a meal. It contains herbs that help promote circulation to the digestive tract and assist in digestion. Take 1-3 before, during, or after eating.*

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  • B, Super Coenzyme B Complex
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    Extra B vitamins may have a profound affect on improving digestion and food tolerance, especially when stress has lowered your energy for a longer period of time. These nutrients also help your overall energy, stress tolerance, mood, and hair.*

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