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Magnesium and Blood Pressure

Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common problems facing Americans, in part due to a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet as well as soils depleted of this vital mineral because of poor farming methods. Magnesium is readily lost by stress and sweating (making it a vital supplement for avid exercisers and athletes).

Magnesium is the most important mineral that stabilizes electrical signals to the heart as wellbeing needed for the smooth muscles of the arteries to naturally relax. Without adequate magnesium the cardiovascular system struggles to find its natural state of relaxation.*

Many individuals take a cheap magnesium salt called magnesium oxide, which belongs in the trash. Oxides generate free radicals and use up your important heart-friendly antioxidants. It is far better to take magnesium in a form that is useful to your body and actually friendly to your circulation.

Muscle Mag is a highly absorbable magnesium supplement that supports optimal muscle function and reduces muscle fatigue. This is because the magnesium is bound to malic acid, an important nutrient for aerobic muscle performance. RelaxaMag helps neutralize the feeling of stress during the day and when taken at night helps promote restful sleep. This is because the magnesium is bound mostly to glycine, a relaxant amino acid. You can use either product, depending on your personal needs, not only to boost magnesium but to simultaneously address other issues that are very important for healthy blood pressure function.*

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  • RelaxaMag
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    This magnesium product works fast to calm down your nerves and relieve stress tension, known irritants to your circulation.

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