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Dietary Supplements & Quality

Multiple factors contribute to nutrient deficiencies in the general population. Such factors include crops grown in nutrient deficient soils, animals raised in inhumane and unhealthy conditions, a lack of fresh food, excess consumption of junk food, heavily processed convenience foods, genetically-modified foods, along with preservatives, additives and other chemicals in foods, pesticides used in growing crops, massive environmental pollution, and a high stress, sedentary life.

These factors cause a lack of nutrients that are required to maintain health, and pose a specific challenge to energy reserves (B vitamins and other energetic co-factors), alkaline reserves (minerals vital for health and bones), and antioxidant reserves (for the basic protection of all cells in the body). Nutrient deficiencies, especially for prolonged periods of time, are highly stressful to your body. Thus, an effective, basic dietary supplement program is necessary to address these underlying factors.*

Combining a comprehensive dietary supplementation plan with a good diet and consistent exercise is common sense for a person of any age, simply to support and maintain health and offset common age-related health issues.

What Makes a High Quality Dietary Supplement?

A lot goes in to formulating quality supplements. One major consideration is space. How many quality nutrients can you fit into one capsule? Most high quality forms of nutrients - especially minerals - take
up a significant amount of space. This means you need more capsules, which is why the Wellness Resources® Daily Super Pack has eight capsules per serving; ideally you would take two packs
per day.*

Some companies cut corners and costs by using junk minerals like calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide. These junk minerals take up less space and cost very little, but they also offer little to no nutritional value. If you are unlucky enough to actually absorb junk calcium carbonate, it can cause alarming breast lumps, gall stones, kidney stones, or help calcify your arteries. The oxides in cheap magnesium products actually use up your antioxidants. Low cost supplements are not only cheaply made, but they are also not safe to consume.

Many companies address the space issue by compressing their products into tablets, which makes them difficult or impossible to absorb. Sure, they can get twice as much into a single tablet, but your body can't use it. In many people, tablets pass through undigested because they have been crammed together with dicalcium phosphate (nutrient glue) and then coated with who knows what. It is not wise to purchase products from a company whose basic vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant products are in tablets. That is a clear sign that your health is not their number one priority.

At Wellness Resources we put our products into easy to break down vegetable cellulose capsules known as V-caps. These cost more but are worth it in terms of how easily the capsules dissolve.

The Daily Super Pack sets the quality standard for the entire dietary supplement industry. We have spent years designing and perfecting this combination of superior nutrients. This supplement pack contains the right nutrients in the right amounts for the discerning and health conscious consumer who wants the very best for their health and the health of their family.*

You will not find this fine array of nutrients at this price in any health professional supplement line because these companies have to inflate their prices to sell through health professionals. This means they may appear to be high quality, but when you look at the labels, plenty is missing. Likewise, health food stores, drug stores, supermarkets, and network marketing companies could not imagine gathering such an array of high quality nutrients in one serving; they would have to charge you three times the price we charge to sustain their ridiculous mark-ups for poor quality.

In each of the following sections, we explain the quality differences that make our products unique.

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