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Quality Iron Vital for Healthy Pregnancy

Adequate stores of iron are vital for healthy pregnancy. Iron is needed to assemble proteins to form all aspects of your baby's body; it is required for growth and intelligence. Your body handles iron with great care and caution; indeed, poor quality iron supplementation can cause a lot of problems.

Not all women need supplemental iron prior to getting pregnant -- but many do. Common reasons for a lack of iron are not eating red meat, heavy menstrual cycles, high stress, and excessive exercise (especially long distance running). Common symptoms of a lack of iron are fatigue, hair thinning or falling out, and vertical ridges on your fingernails. Any symptom of low thyroid may actually be a symptom of low iron -- as iron is needed within cells to carry out over 80 thyroid-related instructions. Since thyroid hormone function must be optimized during pregnancy, for your health and your mood, quality iron is a pivotal nutrient.

If you are not sure of your iron status you can test your hemoglobin
and your ferritin; ideally both scores should be in the middle of the normal range. Hemoglobin requires iron for its formation. Ferritin is reflective of the iron reserves stored within your liver -- a very important factor for healthy pregnancy.

Quality of iron is a huge issue of the utmost importance. Cheap iron salts like ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate, which are almost always used in low quality prenatal vitamins, can cause you a lot of problems. Only 3% of such supplements are absorbed, the remaining 97% irritates your digestive tract, helps induce constipation, may add to morning sickness, and exposes your digestive tract to a lot of free radicals.

Our Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin and our Blood Boostersupplements contain the special form of iron called iron bisglycinate -- which is one molecule or iron bound to two molecules of glycine -- a true and natural amino acid chelate. This form of iron stays intact in your digestive tract, does not promote constipation, and is easy for your body to use without producing undesirable free radicals.*

Many women will find that the 18 mg of iron in the daily dose of the Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin will meet their needs. However, many other women will benefit from an additional supply of iron in our Blood Booster (1-2 caps per day, 25 mg – 50 mg). If you are a vegetarian, had a history of heavy exercise prior to pregnancy, or had a history of heavy menstrual cycles prior to pregnancy, then you may benefit from the extra iron in Blood Booster.*

  • Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin
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    These highly absorbable nutrients support your energy and mood, and your baby's development. Excellent to take prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, and postpartum. Daily Prenatal Multivitamin includes coenzyme B-vitamins, gentle iron bisglycinate, methyl folate, and other vitamins and minerals for prenatal health. Adequate folate is essential for the proper development of the nervous system, and ideally should be started several months before pregnancy. Take 4 capsules per day.*

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  • Blood Booster
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    High quality iron is needed during pregnancy. Inexpensive iron salts such as ferrous sulfate can cause constipation and digestive discomfort, plus do not absorb very well. Blood Booster™ offers fine quality iron bisglycinate along with extra folic acid, B12, and B6. This product helps offset fatigue. Take 1-2 capsules per day, as desired.*

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