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Thyroid and Cholesterol

Proper thyroid function is an important aspect of cholesterol fitness. Every cell in your body uses small fragments of cholesterol for needed metabolic functions, including the support system to maintain the three-dimensional structure of the cell itself. The rate that cholesterol is used by your cells is governed by thyroid hormone. If thyroid function is sluggish then the natural cellular use of cholesterol is reduced.*

While any cell can make its own cholesterol if needed, it is a common practice for a cell to post a sign on its outer surface that tells LDL cholesterol to drop off some of its cholesterol packages (LDL is similar to a UPS truck delivering a package, in this case a cholesterol-containing package). On the other hand, if cell function is going too slow based on sluggish thyroid then extra cholesterol may start to pile up inside the cell. When this happens the cell posts a call tag on its surface, wanting LDL to pick up rather than drop off cholesterol.*

Thyroid Helper®, Iosol Iodine, and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin (The Thyroid Energy Package) are designed to activate thyroid hormone at the cellular level to naturally support optimal rate of basic cell functions and consequently the use of cholesterol. Exercise also conditions thyroid hormone to work better in cells. These strategies help cholesterol flow to where it is needed, rather than pile up as an unneeded surplus. This concept is another important aspect of cholesterol fitness and is especially important for any person who has sluggish thyroid function.*

In addition to these basic nutrients, a very good supplement for anyone who is concerned about thyroid health and cholesterol fitness is Daily Super E. This is a one-of-a-kind specialty supplement containing a near 50-50 mix of special forms of vitamin E: gamma tocotrienol and alpha tocotrienol. The gamma tocotrienol is a natural modulator of cholesterol synthesis, helping to promote fitness in how your liver makes cholesterol. The alpha tocotrienol stabilizes blood cells against free radicals, improving circulatory pH and enhancing oxygen status. As described in the next section, improved oxygen status in your circulation is synergistic with thyroid and cardiovascular health.*

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    Tocotrienols are the most potent and biologically active form of vitamin E, making Daily Super E™ a top cardiovascular health product. We have specially formulated a mix of alpha and gamma tocotrienol to give you the benefits of both of these potent nutrients. Alpha tocotrienols are absorbed into cell membranes 70 times better than plain vitamin E and protect cells of the circulation and cells lining arteries far better than plain E. Gamma tocotrienol is the best natural modulator of the enzyme HMG CoA reductase, the primary enzyme involved in cholesterol synthesis, something plain vitamin E does not do.*

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