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Improving Fertility

Good nutrition is fundamental to fertility. All of the nutrition tips given in this section will assist fertility. The proper function of leptin and thyroid hormones is of vital importance. Too little body fat and your subconscious brain thinks you don't have enough energy on hand to get pregnant. If you are overweight you end up with leptin resistance, a problem that interferes with the normal ripening and release of your eggs. Leptin problems always disturb thyroid function -- which also makes getting pregnant harder.

Two key nutrients not mentioned thus far that are very helpful for fertility are vitamin E and zinc. Vitamin E is known as the fertility vitamin. Zinc is vital for hormone transport systems and the proper binding of hormones to the DNA of your cells. Zinc is also needed for proper sperm health and motility. I have often given Daily Super E (3 a day for men and women) and the zinc-containing Strengthener Plus (2 a day for men, 1 a day for women) to couples wishing to improve fertility -- oftentimes with very encouraging results.*

  • Daily Super E
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    Daily Super E™ contains the special form of vitamin E known as tocotrienol, a true gift of nature to your health. There is no other form of vitamin E that even comes close. It is a superior antioxidant and a great cardiovascular health nutrient. Vitamin E is required for pregnancy to occur.*

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  • Strengthener Plus
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    Contains bioactive zinc citrate/picolinate that helps thyroid hormone bind to the DNA receptors inside cells (these are called zinc fingers). Helpful for fatigue, loss of sex drive, and fertility.*

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