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Detoxification Supplements

Detoxification is something your body does on a daily basis. Like the plumbing in your bathroom, you never think twice about it as long as it is in good working order. As soon as there is a back up of waste any aspect of health can be compromised. What happens in any city when the garbage trucks go on strike?

Trash comes from normal cellular waste products, pollution, digestive imbalance, stress, increased physical activity, poor diet, illness, injury/accidents, prescription medications, smoking, overuse of alcohol, lack of sleep, etc. You must understand the primary systems in your body that remove this trash if you are to manage your health effectively.* 

Many environmental toxins are fat soluble. When your body can't clear them effectively they not only disrupt fat soluble hormones and metabolism but these poisons store in your fat often promoting weight gain as a defense mechanism against vital organs being poisoned. This poses a problem for individuals who are having difficulty losing weight or breaking through a stubborn weight-loss plateau. Unless detoxification pathways are working correctly weight management efforts may fail.*

Common symptoms of trash removal problems are fatigue, headaches, dark circles or bags under the eyes, irritability (like a poisoned feeling), being too negative too often (like looking at the world through a toxic pair of sunglasses), constipation/diarrhea, hemorrhoids, foul smelling stools, unpleasant body odor, skin problems, dry skin, acne, shoulder tightness, excess mucous, excess congestion, stuffy sinuses, sensitivity to chemicals or fumes, fluid retention, and cellulite formation. Those struggling with fibromyalgia always need assistance with improving natural detoxification function.*

The best basic nutrients to support natural detoxification function are:

  1. Daily Detoxify protects your liver and provides nutrients that help to clear a wide variety of common metabolic waste products as well as pollution and toxic metals like mercury.*
  2. Immune Plus naturally activates macrophages in your lymph system to enhance your own housecleaning operation.*
  3. Fiber Helper superior forms of soluble fiber that mix easily, have a pleasant taste (not sweetened at all), are not gas forming, and help absorb toxins in your GI tract for easy elimination.*

There are actually many things you should know about detoxification, so these three suggestions are a simple approach and a great place to get started for almost anyone. Next I will briefly describe the above three products, followed by an in depth review of the subject of detoxification and how to tailor a program to your specific needs. 

Best Detoxification Supplements:

  • Fiber Helper

    Fiber Helper™provides a great source of three different soluble fibers that help absorb toxic waste products like a sponge. Many people do not get enough fiber because they do not eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Adequate fiber is essential for your bowels moving well and the final elimination of toxins – two important topics for a smooth functioning detoxification system. This is especially true if you have cut back fiber intake on a weight management program.*

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  • Daily Detoxify
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    Daily Detoxify™ helps your liver clear toxins from your circulation and lymph system. It is designed to protect your liver as well as assist with both Phase1 and Phase 2 detoxification chores. It is formulated to bind metal toxins, including mercury, and assist their removal. The skin under your eyes is very thin, readily showing blood quality and minor vascular swelling from trash irritants. Dark circles or bags under your eyes tend to indicate your liver could use some help, as does any sensitivity to chemicals.*

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  • Immune Plus
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    Immune Plus helps clear lymph congestion, helping to improve shoulder stiffness and tension, pressures in your head, and extra mucous or congestion. When your lymph system backs up in the upper regions of your body it is a sign of "internal constipation" that really slows down proper detoxification. Lymph stagnation promotes fluid retention and sensitivity to weather fronts. Keeping your lymph moving well is of vital importance to normal detoxification processes. It is often taken before bed and in the morning – up to four times a day if needed.*

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