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Mood Pain

When nerves drop below a certain level of energy uncomfortable feelings are experienced that can be lumped into the general category of nerve-related discomfort or pain." It is a fundamental urge of survival to avoid feeling such pain (agitation, irritation, grumpiness, etc.) By following the advice given in the previous sections you can have more energy so that you can rise above this issue -- protecting yourself against a falling energy level that enters the irritation zone."

It is unfortunate that many people have weak nerves and fall into this irritation zone too easily. Once in it, the feeling can spread -- leading to even worse mood. This is often the case with those who have a poor family history of mood issues, who had a rough time while in the womb (parental stressors), had an unstable childhood, and/or had poor nutrition while growing up. Such individuals have to be very careful about doing things right as they have less inherent tolerance before dipping down into nerve-related pain.

In response to such nerve pain individuals often come up with solutions that feel good in the short term but aren't really helpful. These include stress eating, excess sugar consumption, smoking, drinking -- even street drugs. In fact, any addiction is rooted in this mechanism of getting a pleasure burst that will solve a lower state of mood.

The only real solution is to have a much better level of overall energy and nerve-energy in particular. Consistent exercise, adequate sleep, enjoyable constructive activities, stress management, good diet, and nutrients as discussed so far all help address the source of this problem by boosting and managing your supply of energy. There are no short cuts or quick fixes -- but there are real solutions.

While many of the suggestions given so far will boost your mood energy to help keep your head above water, here are two more options that many people have found helpful -- especially individuals who have the poor family history or find it hard to stay positive.*

  • Activator Plus
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    Contains sulfur-containing amino acids and mineral cofactors that support nerve transmission on the dopamine side of the nervous system. This helps brain-specific energy production to help keep nerves out of the irritation zone. Also supports liver function and immunity.*

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  • Q10, Super CoQ10
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    Q10 is needed in the final steps of energy (ATP) production in your body, and levels decline with age. There are receptors for Q10 all over your thymus gland – the gland most associate with sensitive feelings like sadness. In my experience Q10 is one of the very best nutrients that seems to help lighten things up and bring back your sense of humor.*

    49 90 capsules $38.00 $30.40
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  • Sulfur Plus

    Contains MSM Sulfur, TMG (tri-methylglycine), and biotin. Sulfur is required for the formation of the enzymes that process free radicals associated with stress. TMG helps provide brain oxygenation and boost production of the nutrient known as SAMe, helpful in combating stress. Also supports joint mobility.*

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  • Super CoQ10 Ubiquinol
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    The ubiquinol form of Q10 is an excellent antioxidant nutrient that supports cellular energy production and cardiovascular health. Wellness Resources Q10 Ubiquinol is a completely soluble, crystal-free ubiquinol that shows high absorption and stability.*  

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