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Heart Health Overview

Your heart never gets time off for a vacation. Made up of four chambers, your heart is synchronized by nervous system control. The challenges you must overcome to keep your heart in optimal working condition are wear and tear to your heart's structure and its energy producing systems, and stress.

A startling array of new science is showing that the nerve-heart connection is the key to maintaining proper heart rhythms. A common neuropeptide called substance P links cardiovascular function, stress, mood, and inflammation. This opens the door for numerous solutions to support cardiovascular health, especially towards the goal of maintaining optimal heart function and rhythms.

It is important to understand that a healthy heart rhythm has variance from beat to beat, known as Heart Rate Variability, HRV. These natural fluctuations are reflective of the tone or fitness in your autonomic nervous system that is controlling your heart and running your heart’s rhythms. Powerful arrays of nutrients that simultaneously nourish your nerves and your heart are showing that they enhance HRV, directly supporting the health of your heart.*

Best Cardiovascular Health Supplements:

  • Fiber Helper

    Extra fiber provides bowel bulk, supports healthy blood sugar and insulin, promotes cholesterol fitness, and helps the GI tract clear toxins. Fiber Helper™ contains oat beta-glucan and psyllium, highquality fibers recognized by the Food and Drug Association to reduce the risk of heart disease. It is a pleasant tasting fiber with no sweeteners or additives. One serving provides 10 grams of dietary fiber.*

    139 525 grams $41.00 $30.75
    25% off!
  • Lipid Helper

    Lipid Helper™ enhances the natural processes by which your body metabolizes fatty substances such as cholesterol and triglycerides. It also helps relax your vascular system and improve circulation. Lipid Helper™ contains non-flush niacin, pterostilbene, and milk thistle extract.*

    105 90 capsules $31.00 $23.25
    25% off!
  • Muscle Mag

    Magnesium is an essential mineral to relax the circulatory system and smooth the nerve signals to the heart. Magnesium is used up by stress and lost in sweat. Magnesium helps reduce tension or irritation, factors that are stressful to the heart and circulation. Muscle Mag™ is a highly absorbable magnesium supplement. It includes malic acid to improve muscle energy and reduce muscle tightness. It is a helpful supplement to take prior to exercise for maximum muscle response.*

    61 100 capsules $22.00 $16.50
    25% off!
  • Q10, Super CoQ10 Ubiquinol

    Q10 is a vital nutrient in the production of energy facilitating the proper flow of electrons during oxygen burning. It is one of the most important nutrients to support healthy heart function. Ubiquinol is a unique form of coenzyme Q10.*

    109 60 capsules $48.00 $36.00
    25% off!
  • Q10, Super CoQ10

    Coenzyme Q10 is needed by the heart to assist the production of energy. It directly supports the health of the heart muscle and also contributes to healthy circulation. Its multiple metabolic benefits support healthy blood pressure. We also provide Super Co Q10 Ubiquinol, an antioxidant boosting Coenzyme Q10 supplement.*

    49 90 capsules $38.00 $28.50
    25% off!
  • Pantethine

    This coenzyme form of vitamin B5 is involved in the production of coenzyme A, CoA, an important enzyme in energy production and fat metabolism. CoA is required for healthy function in more than 70 metabolic pathways, including the normal metabolism of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Pantethine also provides nutritional support for the formation of HDL cholesterol.*

    65 90 capsules $48.00 $36.00
    25% off!
  • Potassium Plus

    Fluid retention, heat intolerance, and fatigue are signs of a lack of potassium. Potassium is required by your nerves and muscles for proper function. A lack of potassium may contribute to stressed heart function. Potassium Plus™ is enhanced for maximum absorption and includes taurine and malic acid for nerve and muscle health.*

    106 90 capsules $19.00 $14.25
    25% off!
  • Cardio Helper

    Cardio Helper™ is designed to enhance circulation and protect the cardiovascular system. It contains the finest quality resveratrol, grape seed extract, hawthorn berry, and horse chestnut. By improving circulation, oxygen is more readily transported and made available to cells. This supports healthy blood pressure and effective delivery of nutrition to cells.*

    66 90 capsules $47.00 $35.25
    25% off!
  • Leptinal®

    Leptinal® contains a potent array of heart friendly nutrients for a healthy cardiovascular system. It includes mercury free DHA, the finest essential fatty acid available and a proven nutrient for cardiovascular fitness. It contains a special extract of pomegranate that delivers unparalleled protection for the circulatory system. It also contains a unique combination of citrus-polyflavones and tocotrienols that promote healthy cholesterol metabolism.*

    25% off!
  • Daily Super E

    Tocotrienols - the superior form of vitamin E - have significantly better cellular uptake than standard vitamin E (d alpha tocopherol). Tocotrienols are derived from 100% pure rice oil, not from soy oil. Our custom formula is high in alpha and gamma tocotrienol. Alpha tocotrienol is a superior antioxidant that helps protect cells in the circulatory system. Gamma tocotrienol supports the healthy metabolism of cholesterol.*

    25% off!
  • Astaxanthin
    Reduced price!

    Astaxanthin has been shown to improve triglyceride metabolism and increase protective HDL cholesterol and adiponectin, a protein involved in glucose metabolism. It is a carotenoid antioxidant that helps protect the eyes, skin, brain, and muscles.*

    127 90 capsules $35.00 $28.00
    20% off!
  • PQQ 20mg

    PQQ is a powerful antioxidant that helps facilitate growth of new mitochondria, your cell’s engines. Research shows that PQQ promotes healthy heart cell function and blood flow in the heart muscle. It also supports triglyceride and LDL cholesterol metabolism.*

    126 60 capsules $52.00 $39.00
    25% off!