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Lymph Circulation and Blood Pressure

The lymph system has no direct pump; it runs on body movement and muscle contractions, and indirectly relies on the heart to maintain force of pressure on lymph movement. If you are not consistently active, your heart has to work harder to keep lymph moving.

Problems on this "back end" of the circulatory system may promote fluid retention, vein stress, and lymphatic congestion. Because the lymph system is a pressure sensitive system, this can feel as if pressure is building in the shoulder area or back of the neck (in proximity to the two main lymphatic thoracic ducts on either side of the spine).

Eating close to bed will always make this problem worse, since dietary fat enters the lymph system and promotes stagnation/ congestion during sleep. Healthy blood pressure fitness is much easier for your body when your lymph system is not sluggish or stagnant.*

Immune Plus is our best supplement to support natural lymph movement (along with consistent exercise). Taking 1-2 teaspoons at bedtime and again in the morning, if needed, is usually enough to help keep lymph-related sluggishness in good shape.*

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    Contains arabinogalactan, a glyconutrient to naturally support the immune system. It helps activate macrophages in the lymph system to clear "trash" and congestion. This helps to relieve pressure build up in the shoulder area and general lymph sluggishness that may otherwise strain blood pressure fitness.*

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