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Thyroid, Energy, & Mood

Thyroid hormone sets the pace for energy (ATP) production in all your cells. If the pace is too slow you will not have a basic supply of energy needed to properly run your metabolism and mood. In addition to having the energy to make thyroid hormone in the first place (T4 -- thyroxine) your body must have the energy and capacity to convert T4 to the metabolically active form known as T3. Using Thyroid helper® and Iosol Iodine (see below) provide the basic nutrients to help your body make thyroid hormone and activate it.*

When your body runs low on thyroid-boosting nutrients then T4 levels start to rise (because T3 isn't being formed). Thyroid hormone is managed differently by your brain than everywhere else in your body, and this rise in T4 tends to interfere with the metabolic pace in your head, disrupting ATP production and causing your head to feel heavy or tired, setting the stage for poor mood. This head grogginess is often most pronounced in the middle of the afternoon, and is one of the first symptoms of sluggish thyroid function.

Under ongoing stress your thyroid system must work harder to maintain the core supply of energy (ATP) your body and mind need. Activities within the thyroid gland (T4 production) and liver (the main site of T3 activation) are turned up to a faster pace, which means more sparks fly as increased energy demands are met. It is vital to have thyroid hormone-related antioxidant function to buffer this increased demand -- as is provided by Thyroid Helper working synergistically with other antioxidants.*

A specific high stress event, or ongoing daily stress, produces higher amounts of wear and tear compounds that directly interact with thyroid hormones and reduce the conversion of T4 to active T3. This is why natural thyroid support is a key aspect of stress and mood management. If thyroid systems begin to sputter it is certain that the energy required for optimal brain function will be reduced.

  • Thyroid Helper®

    Optimized thyroid function provides the foundation of energy production needed to keep your head awake and feeling energized. Thyroid Helper® provides the key nutrients to help keep your thyroid functioning well, especially when under stress.*

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  • Iosol Iodine
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    Aids natural formation of thyroid hormone. Safest and most effective type of iodine for thyroid function. Helps warm up body temperature.*

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  • Thyroid Energy Package
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    The Thyroid Energy Package™ contains three nutritional supplements that help to improve thyroid and metabolism, increase energy, and boost mood, naturally. We group these supplements because they work synergistically to naturally improve thyroid function. Experience the energy difference! Contains one bottle of each: Thyroid Helper®, Iosol Iodine, and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™.*

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