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Complex Thyroid Problems

Individuals are quite confused by many thyroid-related medical terms that are bantered about: hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, elevated thyroid autoantibodies, or Hashimoto's thyroiditis to name a few. Oftentimes an individual will have all the symptoms of a low or underactive thyroid yet lab tests come back normal. In other cases, lab tests do not come back normal but taking thyroid hormone fails to correct how the person is feeling or only partially helps.

Important: Always consult your doctor before changing the dose of thyroid medication. You cannot simply use nutrients and not take a prescribed medication. If you are taking thyroid medication you can typically take any nutrients listed in these sections. If your thyroid system improves you may not need as much medication or any medication but that can only be determined by your doctor and not by your own self-administration. If you have any questions about combining nutrition with thyroid medication please consult your health care professional every person's situation is a bit different.

When you are using nutrition to support thyroid function you are simply trying to nourish your overall thyroid system, as well as other systems that may be stressing your thyroid function. This approach falls under the category of assisting the healthy structure and function of your body and is not the treatment or prevention of any disease or medical condition.

The topics listed above are key topics relating to thyroid fitness, ranging from the simple to the more complex. Space does not allow a complete discussion of many of the topics, though it may be very important for you to work on issues related to thyroid to foster overall improvement. More in depth discussion of these important related topics can be found on these health topic pages:

Do not get overwhelmed and think you have to do everything at once. You simply need to get started and see how you do. However, you do need to pay attention to and understand all these related topics especially if you are having trouble in one or more of these areas. If you are not making enough progress you can gradually add more support until you feel you are moving in the right direction.

As you are doing better it is vital to exercise consistently, eat as healthfully as possible, and follow the Five Rules of the Leptin Diet.

There is plenty of information on this website to assist your basic understanding. If you have additional questions feel free to call us at 800-717-9355, and ask to speak to one of our trained Wellness Specialists.