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Sleep, Mood & Behavior

Just like adults, kids' nerves need B vitamins and minerals for healthy function. For kids, we always recommend starting with the basics. B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium are oftentimes lacking in the diet. Supplementing highly absorbable forms of these nutrients can make a difference for stress tolerance and calming nerves.

Coenzyme B vitamins are in Super Mini Multi. Extra B vitamins may be added for more support for older children (Super Coenzyme B Complex).*

Super Mini Multi or Super Coenzyme B-Complex™ nourish the nerves with mood-regulating B vitamins. Tri-Cal and RelaxaMag™ help calm the nerves. One of each may be taken before school, after school, or as needed.*

While this combination is popular, any single product used alone may also provide great support. These nutrients are very easy to absorb, resulting in a fairly quick response.*


The nutrients that help with relaxation and behavior also help with sleep at night. Plus, when kids sleep better, they tend to have a better mood during the day.*


In addition to these helpful nutrients, it’s important that kids exercise. Regular exercise has been shown to greatly improve mood and behavior. So, cut back on snack time and get active instead!

Eating Habits

Although it may be challenging at first, it’s essential to cut out all junk food. Artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, trans fats, fried fats, and high fructose corn syrup adversely impact brain function, behavior, mild allergies and digestive health. Most kids eat too much junk food and sugar and not enough high quality foods. This change can make a huge impact on health. Getting healthy fats for the brain, like DHA are helpful instead.

Nutrients for Kids Mood and Behavior

  • Tri-Cal
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    Contains special calcium bound to relaxing amino acids. Naturally supports sleep and relaxation.*

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  • B, Super Coenzyme B Complex
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    Highest quality B vitamins for stress, energy, mood, healthy hair, and digestion. All B vitamins are in complete coenzyme forms for enhanced absorption.*

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  • RelaxaMag
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    A unique magnesium formula to support sleep, stress tolerance, the normal sleep-wake cycle, and relaxation. This is a naturally relaxing, non-drowsy formula.*

    57 100 capsules $22.00 $17.60
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