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Immune System Support

Your immune system is automatically down-regulated during pregnancy, so that your immune system does not reject your baby. This means that you should seek to minimize your exposure to sick people and should make everyone in your household practice good hygiene and hand washing.

Various nutrients can naturally support efficient immune function to assist you to be healthy. One of my favorite supplements for this purpose is Activator Plus. It is a supplement that has a duel purpose: helping your energy and naturally supporting your immune system. When you get tired during pregnancy your immune system is not able to work as efficiently as it should. Use enough Activator Plus to keep your energy up and your immune system will be better supported. Doses range from 2-6 tablets a day, usually taken 1-2 at a time.*

Another gentle and effective immune support supplement is our Super Immune Booster, which actually contains first milk colostrum, a safe and effective immune support nutrient. You can take 2-3 capsules any time, to naturally boost up your immune response anytime you need some help. It works well before bed.*

Of course, if you are feeling good energy and getting along fine you do not need to use these supplements. They are nice to know about and may come in handy, especially if you are getting a run down feeling during your pregnancy.*

  • Activator Plus
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    Fatigue or stress handicap the immune system. Activator Plus provides liver nutrition for energizing your immune system and overall body. It provides key nutrients that are required to make immune cells.*

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  • Super Immune Booster
    Reduced price!

    Our most popular immune supplement, containing first-milk colostrum, olive leaf, beta glucan, and arabinogalactan.*

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