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The problems that result in cellulite are multifaceted and reflect underlying difficulties throughout your body that are predictive of a wear and tear trend. Cellulite is experienced by 90% of women and 10% of men, indicating that estrogen-related issues are a key aspect of the problem. Men who develop the problem typically have low androgens (low testosterone).

There are a number of factors in addition to estrogen that are involved with cellulite. These include fluid retention/lymph issues, nerves and stress, circulation changes, fatty acid build up, changes in fat cells, inflammatory tissue stress, and changes in the structures within and under the skin. The worse the problem the more cosmetically annoying is the dimpling and cottage cheese look of cellulite.

In addition to strictly following the Leptin Diet, the best basic program of natural support products is as follows:

  1. Female Plus helps to naturally balance hormone levels, smoothing out the menstrual cycle, assisting transition, and supporting postmenopausal health. Men should use Male Plus.*
  2. Stress Helper boosts tolerance for stress, an important aspect of cellulite management. It also helps to burn free fatty acids for fuel, helping to reduce a build up of fatty acids under your skin that can aggravate cellulite.*
  3. Cardio Helper is designed to strengthen your capillaries and move fluid out of your legs. This is one key aspect of the cellulite issue.*
  4. Repair Plus helps clean up debris in tissues as well as natural modulate inflammatory wear and tear, topics of vital importance to the cellulite problem.*

In order to resolve or improve cellulite you should understand what your body is doing and why, so you actually solve the source of the problem. Next I will briefly describe the above four products, followed by an in depth review of what is known regarding cellulite and how you can use this information to make changes.

Best Cellulite Reduction Supplements:

  • Repair Plus
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    This product contains enzymes that help clean up debris from the cellulite area while helping to calm down wear and tear. It is crucial for helping to clear the way for a healthier skin structure to take the place of the cellulite. It also helps reduce the swelling and fluid retention that accompanies cellulite – as well as generally assisting recovery from moderate aches or pains.*.

    82 100 capsules $44.00 $35.20
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  • Female Plus
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    Helps modulate estrogen fluctuations and levels to assist in a smoother operation of sex hormone functions. Helps women of any age; assisting teenagers and young women have more consistent cycles with fewer symptoms, generally helping PMS at any age, hot flashes during transition, and helping postmenopausal mood. Balancing estrogen is essential for not having cellulite.*

    80 60 capsules $35.00 $28.00
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  • Stress Helper®
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    Stress Helper® provides a critical boost of specialty stress-busting nutrients that significantly help your nerves tolerate stress, which helps promote normal fat metabolism within cellulite. Two of the nutrients in Stress Helper® (pantethine and acetyl-l-carnitine) help to provide the energy needed to metabolize fatty acids, a very important need when there is existing cellulite.*

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  • Cardio Helper
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    Cardio Helper™ includes the finest quality extracts of trans resveratrol, grape seed extracts, hawthorn, and horsechestnut. It is designed to support and enhance circulatory integrity and nourish your heart. By enhancing circulation, oxygen is more readily transported and made available to cells. This supports healthy blood pressure and effective delivery of nutrition to cells.*

    66 90 capsules $47.00 $37.60
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  • Collagen Peptides
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    Collagen Peptides nourish your body's collagen production and support healthy joints, skin, hair, and bones. Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen peptide proteins.*

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