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Natural Remedies for Constipation

At least one good bowel movement per day is necessary for health. Two or three bowl movements per day are fine, but not required. If you get constipated, it is a major plumbing problem and consequently stresses all aspects of detoxification. Many times adequate fiber (Fiber Helper) is enough to keep your bowels moving along and suggestions given in the previous section help clear toxins that can otherwise promote constipation.*

Nerves stimulate the muscles of your small and large intestine, a process referred to as bowel motility. When motility is synchronized by rhythms, then your bowels move along, massaging the fiber and other contents within, and moving those contents along the production line of normal digestion of nutrition and elimination of waste.

Normal motility runs primarily on the relaxed side of your nervous system, and is strained by emotional stress, eating too often, an overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria/ candida, or ingestion of something toxic or infectious. Relaxing exercise, especially jogging or walking helps your bowels move. For many people, a cup of coffee in the morning stimulates bowel motility, resulting in a bowel movement.

The top dietary supplement to unclog constipation or help bowel straining is Motility Helper. It is often used in combination with Fiber Helper, and once your bowels get used to moving with adequate fiber and the help of Motility Helper, then the Motility Helper dose can be lowered and eventually eliminated. Motility Helper is a favorite to take along for those who get constipated when they travel.*

Other nutrients that significantly help bowel motility are magnesium, vitamin C, and probiotics. Magnesium (RelaxaMag or MuscleMag) supports the relaxed nerves controlling motility to work better (2-6 capsules per day). Vitamin C (unbuffered capsules) has an osmotic reaction that draws water to your lower colon helping bulk and relieving dryness (2-6 capsules per day). Super Dophilus provides friendly flora probiotics that aid proper fermentation in your lower colon, reducing overall toxicity (2-4 per day).*

Nutritional oils tend to help constipation as they act as both solvents for fatty sludge and help to alleviate dryness of stools. Different oil products can be used in varying amounts, often based on other health needs, with a side benefit to bowel motility. The most common oils used for this purpose are Oregano Oil (3-9 per day, also helps sinuses), Leptinal (2-6 per day, also helps weight management, mood, and cardiovascular health), d-Limonene (2-3 per day, also helps gallbladder and detox), Squalene (3-6 per day, also helps dry skin), or Pine Nut Oil (3-9 per day, also helps appetite cravings and energy). Any of these supplements may be combined, as helpful, to assist normal bowel motility.*

  • RelaxaMag

    Magnesium is the most important nutrient for relaxation, including reducing stress-tension in the circulatory system.* Magnesium helps support the normal electrical rhythm of the heart, as well as promotes restful sleep when taken before bed.*

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  • d-Limonene
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    d-Limonene is a natural oil found in orange peels. It supports digestive health, detoxification, gallbladder health, metabolism, and immune health.*

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  • C, Vitamin C Capsules
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    Extra vitamin C helps promote bowel motility and is known to help neutralize toxins. It is an excellent choice for any person who has a combination of sluggish bowels and weak immunity.*

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  • Super Dophilus
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    Probiotics that help to nourish the intestinal tract, thereby supporting healthy digestion.* Helps reduce unpleasant gas or bloating.*

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  • C, Buffered Vitamin C Tablets
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    Highly-purified with no additives. Nutrient support for the immune system, adrenals and stress.* There are two vitamin C options: Vitamin C Capsules and Buffered C Tablets.

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