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Leptin Diet for Pregnant Women

Leptin is a hormone that comes from your stored body fat. It controls your metabolism, including the function of thyroid hormone. It controls your body weight. Women have a higher percentage of body fat than men, and thus higher levels of leptin even when not pregnant. This is specifically so that women have enough energy reserves to sustain pregnancy and nurse their child. In fact, if your percentage of body fat is too low you may have a lot of trouble getting pregnant in the first place.

During pregnancy leptin levels naturally rise, enabling more weight to be stored to support these vital energy reserves. Under the influence of leptin, you will generally store about 4 pounds in the first three months of pregnancy and then 4 pounds per month thereafter. Normal leptin-driven weight gain during pregnancy is 25-35 pounds.

Additionally, leptin is what enables your placenta to grow. Healthy leptin function is the key factor involved with a healthy full term pregnancy. The overall proper function of leptin during pregnancy
helps prevent gestational diabetes, inflammatory malnutrition, inappropriate weight gain, preeclampsia, and premature delivery. Leptin is the most powerful hormone in your body -- especially during pregnancy.

You need to understand how it works, whether you are overweight or not. It pays to understand leptin and to eat in harmony with it both before and during pregnancy. Doing anything else is like rowing a boat against the current -- you can do it but it sure isn't easy.

  • The Leptin Diet

    A must read for any woman of childbearing age. Leptin is the hormone that governs metabolism. It is also the hormone that governs pregnancy. Leptin enables the placenta to grow as well as protects the nervous system in the developing embryo. Healthy leptin function in the mother not only helps have a healthy pregnancy, it helps the child have a healthy life.

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