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Quercetin, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc and Thyroid Function

A variety of other nutrients, if lacking, can impede healthy thyroid function. At the top of this list are quercetin, vitamin D, iron, and zinc. Ensure you are not lacking in these, as anyone of them can be responsible for the symptoms of a sluggish thyroid.

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid common in the plant kingdom, a potent polyphenol antioxidant and immune system modulator. It has a stabilizing affect on the immune system, helping various types of immune cells maintain their composure under stress. It has a modulating effect on immune system signals, helping to calm down inappropriate excess. This helps the tissues and cells in your thyroid gland better tolerate common irritants such as pollution and stress.*

Researchers recently demonstrated that a lack of vitamin D was associated with lower levels of T4 and that irritation of the thyroid gland was more pronounced if vitamin D is lacking. It should be noted that cold weather itself is a temperature stress that makes your thyroid work harder, and the lack of sun in winter months makes it more likely you could be deficient. Most adults need 2,500 IU of vitamin D per day in the winter months for a variety of health needs, which includes thyroid support.*

When thyroid instructions reach the DNA of your cells it tells them how to set the metabolic pace of the cells activities, in turn setting into motion a number of different genes that carry out these instructions. It has now been discovered that iron is required for up to 80 of these vital gene signals, otherwise thyroid instructions dont get implemented. A lack of iron also impedes proper oxygenation of blood (see Thyroid and General Cardiovascular Health section below for more info). A lack of iron can cause fatigue, especially muscle weakness, which can readily be confused with thyroid-related fatigue. Vegetarians, menstruating women, and heavy exercisers are most at risk for a lack of iron.*

Blood Booster contains the highly superior iron bisglycinate, a true protein/iron complex. This form of iron is highly absorbable and does not induce iron-related digestive distress or free-radical problems.*

Zinc is another cofactor mineral that needs to be adequate for thyroid hormone to perform at an optimal pace. A lack of zinc is known to reduce the activity of TRH (thyroid releasing hormone in the hypothalamus), in turn tending to depress thyroid hormone levels. Zinc participates in the conversion of T4 to T3, and zinc is needed to bind active thyroid hormone to the DNA of cells. Zinc is needed for immunity, sex drive, and maintaining leptin status while on a diet. It is lost in sweat and by stress. Strengthener Plus contains zinc in its most biologically active forms.*

  • Quercetin
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    Many irritants in your blood (pollution, stress chemicals, germ debris) can irritate and inflame your thyroid. The best nutrient to help stabilize your thyroid tissue is the bioflavonoid called quercetin. It can really help calm down and cool off a thyroid system that feels like it is suffering from too much wear and tear.*

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  • Blood Booster
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    Contains high quality iron bisglycinate. A lack of iron in cells can cause fatigue because iron is needed to implement the cellular response to thyroid hormone. Helpful for fatigue, vertical grooves in finger nails.*

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  • D, Vitamin D
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    Additional vitamin D supports thyroid function, bone health, mood, cardiovascular health, and the immune system. Helpful for anyone during the winter months when sunshine is lacking.* Each capsule contains 1,000IU of vitamin D3.

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  • Strengthener Plus
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    Contains bioactive zinc citrate/ picolinate that helps thyroid hormone bind to the DNA receptors inside cells (these are called zinc fingers). Helpful for fatigue, loss of sex drive, weak fingernails.*

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