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Keeping a Positive Mood after Pregnancy

Once you make it through the first two weeks after pregnancy then you simply need to keep track of the demands on you versus your ability to recover. Nutrition plays a role in its ability to help you have more energy, greater stress tolerance, and natural thyroid support. All of these issues are fully covered on the Prenatal Nutrition topic pages, and the tips given there.

Being a mother is not always easy -- and is quite demanding. Wear and tear is expected -- mood may suffer. Some of this is quite normal and expected, considering all that you have been through and all you must now do. However, you don't want a lack of energy to lead to a magnified problem.

In general, the most basic approach is to ensure you have
adequate dietary protein and B vitamins, as described above. If needed use Stress Helper® for additional basic mood support and/or Thyroid Helper® for basic metabolic support. You are striving to find a combination of nutrients that helps boost your energy, mood, and sense of feeling in control.

  • Leptinal®
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    Leptinal is an excellent supplement to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding to support mom's mood and baby's brain, eye, and nerve development. It includes mercury-free DHA fish oil, tocotrienol vitamin E, borage oil, pomegranate extract, and citrus polyflavones.*

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  • Stress Helper®
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    This product supports adrenal gland function, boosts the production of neurotransmitters, and enhances stress tolerance signals relating to nerve function. Nutrients to boost mood and improve stress tolerance.*

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  • Thyroid Helper®
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    Most popular thyroid supplement to improve energy, mood, and motivation. Specialty formula to enhance conversion of basic thyroid hormone T4 to active T3. Essential nutrition for anyone with thyroid issues. Helpful, as needed, during pregnancy.*

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