Adrenal and Sex Hormone Balance

Your adrenal and thyroid systems are the foundation for the smooth operation of sex hormones. For women, this means a smooth running menstrual cycle or transition. For both men and women, it means adequate drive. The loss of sex drive or interest is a clear sign of adrenal fatigue.

We have designed formulas for women and men to support natural sex hormone function that work primarily by supporting your adrenal glands. In general, any time you strengthen adrenal and thyroid function, sex hormones will work better and you'll feel more in balance.*

Female Plus

Nutrition for women. Supports adrenal system and demands of female hormone system.*
60 capsules
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Male +

Male Plus™ is designed to help the adrenal glands fortify the production of testosterone. It contains several herbs with long traditional use for male drive.*
90 capsules
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$36.00 $28.80
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