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Sleep & Excessive Substance P

Too much Substance P in your nerves will also interfere with sleep, making you feel wired or anxious, similar to how a Hypocretin problem feels (explained in the previous section). However, Substance P is not involved with pleasure urges or reward behavior. It is part of a natural system that processes pain and inflammation.

Hypocretin problems are associated with your hypothalamus gland (subconscious control center) whereas Substance P problems are associated with your brain stem and nerve endings all around your body. Many people have features of both problems and need to address both issues; others mostly just have one of these issues.

Part of your awakeness team is your brain stem, which is constantly processing sensory input. If sensory input contains too much physical or emotional pain then your brain stem itself heats up. This raises Substance P levels within your brain stem and locks this part of your awakeness team into a hyper-vigilant on mode, thereby interfering with sleep.

Substance P problems do not occur from moderate day to day stress. Extra substance P kicks in when stress is more intense. This could be an acute high level of emotional stress, physical pain, injury, an accident, fibromyalgia, or ongoing stress of an energy-depleting emotional nature. Substance P is highly inflammatory by nature, a natural method of helping to deal with acute stress but problematic if stress is ongoing. Individuals with a history of such stress are more likely to experience Substance P issues later in life from the ongoing stress of day to day life, especially if such stress is energy-depleting and tends to be chronic.

In addition to sleep issues and a wired/anxious feeling signs of too much Substance P involve symptoms in large nerves and nerve endings, especially at night when you lay down to sleep or while you are sleeping. Classic symptoms include one or more of the following: wrestles legs, painful feet, upset digestion, vaginal discomfort, and chest-related symptoms (including funny pains that move around). These symptoms are caused because your brain stem tries to discharge the build up of Substance P down primary nerve structures so that it can cool off and you can go to sleep.

Substance P excess also manifests in skin and muscles. Your skin may itch in a generalized way, as Substance P is released out nerve endings (a problem that can happen during the day or at night). It sometimes feels like something is crawling around under your skin. In some cases individuals with too much Substance P are sensitive to physical touch meaning that touch is uncomfortable or even painful to a greater or lesser degree.

Excess Substance P may also be released at the point where nerves connect to muscles, causing muscles to be much tighter than normal and oftentimes sore or achy.

The best physical exercises for Substance P overload are stretching and hobbies you enjoy that use your fingers over and over in a repetitive way. Stretching discharges Substance P from nerve endings, as well as helping to put motion back into tight muscles. Hobbies send pleasant sensory input through your brain stem, as well as accessing your hypothalamus gland (through your cerebellum or motion control center) and delivering the message in machine language that everything is fine so calm down.

Nutrition can be used to help discharge Substance P out of your nerves DURING THE DAY, so that less of it is sitting there in your nerves at bedtime getting in the way of your sleep. The following nutrients taken during the day are generally helpful and may be used in any combination.

  • Quercetin
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    Naturally helps to remove excessive substance P from nerves. Take 1-2 at bed, or use during the day to help prevent a build up that interferes with sleep.* Besides substance P issues, signs of need include mild allergy, pollen sensitivity, skin sensitivity/itching, sinus issues, and/or digestive issues.*

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  • Carnosine
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    Carnosine is highly concentrated in the brain where it acts to protect brain cells. It works as part of your brain's antioxidant network as well as directly buffering brain cells from wear and tear. It helps reduce surplus histamine release in mast cells that may irritate your nerves. It also has rejuvenating effects on brain cells.*

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  • Calcium AEP
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    Calcium AEP is a unique form of calcium to nourish the nerves and help reduce stress friction on the nerves. It helps your nerves tolerate stress. Take 1-2 up to four times a day.*

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  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
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    Acetyl-l-carnitine helps memory and cognitive function. It promotes better cellular energy and supports the natural production of both serotonin and dopamine. It helps naturally discharge substance P from the nerves.*

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  • Sleep Helper®
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    Features l-theanine and taurine to help relaxation and sleep. Especially helpful for sleep if you get a racing mind at night.*

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  • Hemp Spectrum
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    Hemp Spectrum is a true full-spectrum hemp extract providing a remarkable array of more than 10 phytocannabinoids.

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  • PEA Ultra

    PEA Ultra™ contains an advanced form of PEA for superior absorption. PEA supports the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote healthy stress response, mood, relaxation, and nerve function, as well as joint function and comfort.*

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