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Calcium and Bone Health

It has been documented that calcium is mobilized from a mother's bones during pregnancy and helps build the baby's bones, a natural process. The loss of bone mineral density during pregnancy may be 5%, but that bone density is typically replaced within a year. Breast feeding appears to assist bone remineralization in the mother.

There is some evidence to indicate that the number of pregnancies or the first pregnancy at a higher age are risk factors for later life bone loss. However, many variables are involved and no clear cause-effect relationship has been documented.

At any rate, it is clear that bones "take a hit" during pregnancy, which is likely to be greater in high stress pregnancies. Our government's suggestion for calcium during pregnancy and lactation is 1300 mgs, which can be met by a combination of food sources and dietary supplements.*

The quality of calcium, combined with the needed cofactors for bone metabolism, are important factors for preventing bone loss.
Our premier calcium supplement that supports bone health is called Daily Bone Xcel, which contains 200 mg of the finest calcium per capsule -- along with vital bone building cofactor nutrients. Add up your dietary calcium and then use Daily Bone Xcel to make up the difference. Women who consume little dairy or other high calcium foods may need 6-7 capsules per day during pregnancy and lactation.*

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