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Mary’s Favorite Thyroid Supplements

Here are my favorite supplements for healthy thyroid function! It’s so important, especially for women, to support thyroid health. Thyroid health impacts your metabolism, energy, mood, and motivation as well as skin and hair health.*

This is what I personally take every day to feel my very best!

  • Thyroid Helper®
    Reduced price!

    Thyroid Helper contains key nutrients for healthy thyroid function and the natural activation of thyroid hormone. Naturally improve your energy, motivation, and metabolism.*

    20% off!
  • Iosol Iodine
    Reduced price!

    Assists formation of thyroid hormone, helps warm up body temperature, and is a protective nutrient.*

    60 1 fluid ounce $20.00 $16.00
    20% off!
  • Daily Protein Unflavored
    Reduced price!

    Grass-fed, pasture-raised whey protein isolate. 26 grams bioactive whey protein per scoop, 6g BCAAs, 30 scoops per container. No sweeteners or flavors of any kind!

    203 2 lb. $60.00 $48.00
    20% off!
  • Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin

    Feel energized with the highest quality multiple vitamin for your health! Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin contains superior quality coenzyme B vitamins that your body can readily use for energy and stress tolerance.* Experience the difference a true quality multiple vitamin can make for you!

    25% off!