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No Appetite/Weak Digestion

Ongoing wear-and-tear, traumatic stress, an injury, an eating disorder, or fighting a chronic illness may induce significant wear-and-tear in the digestive tract, leading to a lack of appetite or generally weak digestive power. It is important to turn this situation around, as the lack of digestive power handicaps important nourishment from getting into the body.

If you feel this way, try to relax for at least hour prior to meal time. You may take 1-2 capsules of Digestive Helper an hour before eating which helps bring warmth and circulation to your stomach, in turn helping to promote an appetite signal.*

Your ability to digest protein is compromised in this situation, yet protein is vital to your improvement. Daily Protein Plus is a high quality protein that can be made into a smoothie. Smaller amounts can be used to fortify any meal. GI & Muscle Helper can be added to help strengthen the digestive tract lining and maintain muscle.*

Inflammation within your digestive tract must be reduced in order for appetite to return to full strength. A loss of appetite is often due to excessive inflammation. The best nutrients to promote digestive vitality in this situation are Daily DHA (essential fatty acids), Grape Seed Extract, Quercetin (bioflavonoids), and zinc (Strengthener Plus). Extra zinc often enables a return of appetite, but some caution is needed because it can at times make a person nauseous.*

  • Daily Protein Plus Oat

    The finest quality whey protein (contains no lactose) can be used to boost the protein energy nutrition in any person with weakened digestion. It also contains oat beta glucan fiber and a serving of mangosteen antioxidant fruit extract. It is excellent for breakfast in a smoothie or to boost the protein at any meal.*

    50 2 lb. $49.00 $24.50
    50% off!
  • Digestive Helper
    Reduced price!

    A broad-spectrum enzymes to enhance the digestion of all types of food, including fats, dairy, protein, and gluten. Helps reduce gas or bloating.*

    72 100 capsules $30.00 $24.00
    20% off!
  • Daily DHA
    Reduced price!

    This vital essential fatty acid is particularly useful when digestion is in a weakened condition. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties have been shown to promote a return to improved digestive function and appetite. 6-9 a day may be needed for this purpose; use enough to help support a return of digestive desire.*

    20% off!
  • Strengthener Plus

    Contains 25 mg of highly absorbable zinc, which is needed to make pancreatic enzymes that are associated with digestive vitality. Zinc also helps elevate the low leptin levels associated with weakened digestion, helping a frail or lacking appetite come back to life.*

    63 100 capsules $19.00 $14.25
    25% off!
  • Grape Seed Extract 200mg
    Reduced price!

    These potent grape seed extracts are very gentle on your body yet very nourishing to the lining of your digestive tract. They have a unique ability to reinforce weakened body structure, thus assisting the natural repair of tattered, inflamed, or irritated tissues by actually linking them back together. Take 1-4 capsules per day.*

    134 100 capsules $20.00 $16.00
    20% off!
  • Quercetin
    Reduced price!

    A natural antihistamine and antioxidant nutrient (working synergistically with other antioxidants) that is taken up by your digestive lining and is very helpful at stabilizing the lining of your digestive tract.*

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  • GI & Muscle Helper
    Reduced price!

    Supports the integrity of the digestive tract lining. It also helps improve muscle repair and strength. May help dry eyes or dryness issues in general.*

    75 238 grams $30.00 $24.00
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  • Daily Protein Plus Vanilla
    Reduced price!

    Grass-fed whey protein with prebiotic fiber and organic vanilla bean. No sweeteners. Tastes great, mixes well. Excellent for breakfast!

    209 2 lb. $49.00 $39.20
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