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Carbohydrate Cravings and Ghrelin

New science is shedding light on one aspect of the nature of cravings, especially for carbohydrates. Your stomachs carbohydrate-desiring hunger signal, called ghrelin, is also needed for the release of growth hormone required to repair your digestive lining. Such cravings may actually be a red flag that your digestive tract is under some form of strain that is wearing away at its healthy structure. This could be some type of issue within your GI tract or stress banging into it from without.

Calcium AEP not only helps your nerves, but it specifically helps reduce the ghrelin signal. Pine Nut Oil is well documented as a natural appetite suppressant, and it has a long use of traditional use as a soothing digestive nutrient. Thus, both of these nutrients help appetite control while nourishing your digestive tract lining.*

LeptiSlim® contains bitter herbs that have a long traditional use in controlling the cravings for sweets. These herbs may also have a natural balancing effect on the bacterial/Candida contents of your
digestive tract. Super Dophilus contains acidophilus, which also acts to support the healthy balance of contents within your GI tract. Recent research has shown that it promotes less wear and tear to the structure of your GI tract by helping to reduce the degradation of hyaluronic acid within your GI tract lining.

These nutrients can be used to support the healthy structure of your digestive tract, which is likely to be reflected by fewer cravings for carbohydrates. They can be used in any combination. Some individuals may need additional help to promote a healthy GI tract structure, especially if GI problems have been of a longer duration or more intense. The next section has additional options for nutritional support.

  • Super Dophilus
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    Contains six super-strains of friendly flora/ probiotics for GI health and digestion. This is an excellent option for building up good bacteria in the digestive tract. May help gas or bloating.*

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  • Calcium AEP
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    Calcium AEP is a unique form of calcium to nourish the nerves and help reduce stress friction's impact on your digestive tract. It helps your nerves tolerate stress. It also helps you control your urge to eat in response to stress, especially cravings for carbohydrates. Take 1-3 up to four times a day.*

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  • LeptiSlim®
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    Curbs appetite, reduces food cravings, increases metabolic rate, and helps promote stable blood sugar. One of our best products to help overcome food cravings, and may be taken as needed for this purpose.*

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