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Rate of Improvement

Multiple systems must gradually start to work better at more or less the same time which translates to more hours in the day when energy is available. Do not try to do too much too fast. As you begin to feel better gradually do more exercise from which you can easily recover. Nutritional strategies can significantly help you improve your response to exercise. As exercise begins working in your favor, gene signals are turned on by the use of your muscles that actually facilitate repair and improvement of many things in your body.

Stretching, flexing, and walking (progressively longer times) are the best basic exercises. Light weights or more strenuous activities can be added as you get better. Because muscle proteins can break down for 48-72 hours after exercise it is important that you don't push it too hard during the exercise (or doing your backlogged to-do list) only to find out two days later you made a big mistake. This problem can be avoided by gradually doing more as you can, and as your fitness improves you will eventually get to a point when you don't have to worry about this issue so much anymore (usually at least 3 months of steady improvement).

When you use various nutrient products start out gradually, increase doses slowly, and pay attention. You want to feel better. Just like you can do too much exercise too fast, you can take too many supplements too fast (even if they are what you need). You are simply trying to get your foot in the door and start feeling better, so you can exercise more, at which point more nutrients will work even better, and you will have more nutritional options at your disposal that you can count on to help you through your day.*

Most people feel better within a few days of starting their supplements and continue to make improvement as time goes along. The mark of truly stable improvement is better overall muscle fitness, able to maintain a normal or much improved work and activity schedule, and having few if any fibro flare ups.*

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