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Highest Quality Nutritional Supplements for Optimum Health

We put your health first. Since 1985, Wellness Resources has been true to the commitment of using only the highest quality nutrients, no chemical additives, the same nutrient forms used in research, and enough of a nutrient to be beneficial. We know this attention to quality makes a real difference in health results you see. Wellness Resources is the nutritional supplement company you can trust. Expect to see results!

  • Superior Quality Nutrients
    Quality is essential to achieve results with nutritional supplementation. We source only the highest purity, most absorbable raw material nutrients. Because we have been in the industry since 1985, our well-established relationships enable us to acquire many unique and effective nutrients. Wellness Resources clients have seen consistent results over the past three decades because we never cut quality corners and we use only the best ingredients in the world. Compare the quality of your supplements with our Quality Chart.

  • Optimal Nutrient Amounts
    We use the same nutrients used in research and we put enough of each nutrient in the capsule to actually help you. Conversely, many companies promote a particular nutrient in a supplement, such as lutein for eye health, but include only a minute amount in the product. We also do not hide ingredient amounts in "proprietary formulas".

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
    Wellness Resources® supplements are manufactured in the United States. Our labs follow stringent quality guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We source only the best raw material nutrients and test final products for purity and potency. You get exactly what’s on the label!

  • No Harmful Fillers or Additives
    The Wellness Resources® supplement line was originally formulated for individuals with sensitivities to most supplements on the market. We avoid cheap raw materials, common allergens, and unnecessary fillers and binders that reduce product quality. We are purity and quality specialists!

  • Specialty Formulas
    Some nutrients are better together! Wellness Resources® custom formulas combine synergistic nutrients and optimize nutrient absorption for maximum health benefits. Our innovative formulations are based on extensive science and an in-depth understanding of nutritional biochemistry. We provide many unique formulas for improving health and quality of life.

  • Vegetarian Capsules
    Most of our supplements are powders in cellulose capsules (Vcaps®) for easy digestion and absorption. These capsules are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and preservative-free. Our gel capsules with liquid are also the finest in the industry.

  • Excellent Value
    Wellness Resources supplements are superior quality products at excellent prices. We do not spend money on expensive ad campaigns or inflate our prices through a multi-level or middleman distribution system. Instead, we provide the highest quality supplements directly to you, giving you the quality and value you deserve.

  • Accurate Health Information
    There is a lot of confusing health information out there. At Wellness Resources, we provide you with accurate, science-based information and time-tested nutritional recommendations. We encourage you to sign up for our free e-newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest health news and nutrient advancements.

Quality Chart - Compare Nutrients

Quality is a crucial to see results with nutritional supplementation. Learn how to detect the quality of a supplement by looking at the label. The forms of various nutrients should be listed, clearly stating whether it is a low or high quality nutrient. This can quickly show you the quality of a company's entire product line.

NutrientLow QualityHigh Quality - Wellness Resources®
What type of B12 is in your multi-vitamin?
Cyanocobalamin. This form of B12 produces cyanide as it is metabolized, creating a toxin that the body must then clear out. Because B12 is the highest cost raw material in a multiple vitamin, it is often skimped on for cost and is a tell-tale sign of a company's entire product line.Coenzyme methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. These co-enzyme b-vitamins are readily absorbed by the body. The nutrient cost is 10 times more than cyanacobalmin, so many companies cut corners here. However, coenzyme b-vitamins in high enough amounts are essential for energy.
Calcium & MagnesiumCarbonate, oxide, gluconate, citrate, dicalcium phosphate, amino acid chelates. These low quality minerals are often in tablets and glued together with dicalcium phosphate, making them pass through the digestive tract and into the toilet unaltered.Coral Calcium. High grade coral calcium with a 2:1 calcium/magnesium ratio; no heavy metals.
MCHC (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite). This is a true bone food. Highly absorbable.
Calcium AEP, fumerate, malate, ascorbate.
Vitamin EDl-alpha tocopherol - Synthetic vitamin E, derived from petroleum products.
D-alpha tocopherol from soy oil - The oils become damaged and produce free-radicals, using up the vitamin E as it sits on the shelf.
Tocotrienols are taken up in cells 70 times more efficiently than plain vitamin E, acting as a far superior and safe form of vitamin E.
Hyaluronic AcidSodium Hyaluronate - A cheap salt that has very little, if any, ability to perform. This is many times mixed with other joint nutrients such as chondroitin and glucosamine.Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid from rooster comb. This is the first absorbable, natural form of hyaluronic acid and the same type used in research for fortification of body structure.
IronFerrous sulfate, ferrous fumerate, and ferrous gluconate. These are iron salts with poor absorption that "come apart" in the GI tract causing digestive problems and excessive free radicals.Iron bisglycinate - A true protein-iron complex that stays together in the GI tract and has far superior absorption. Does not cause digestive problems.
Coenzyme Q10Pure Q10 is in world-wide short supply, extremely expensive. Many lower grade Q10 products have entered the market and are not even close in quality to the pure Q10. Pharmaceutical Grade Q10. Due to our long relationships in the industry, we are able to secure the hard-to-get, pure form of Q10 made to pharmaceutical standards.

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