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Minimize Toxins & Perchlorate in Breast Milk

It is a national tragedy that our food supply is contaminated with PCBs (courtesy of Monsanto, Westinghouse, General Electric, and others) and the rocket ignition fuel compound known as perchlorate (courtesy of the military). Both toxins accumulate in breast tissue and find their way into breast milk. Furthermore, PCBs cross the placenta during pregnancy. PCBs are neurotoxic and are linked to the increase in ADHD amongst children. Perchlorate binds to iodine receptors better than iodine, causing thyroid hormone function problems.

The victims in these environmental crimes are babies, who are much more sensitive to these contaminants than adults. Cleaning up either problem would cost at least 50 billion dollars, which is why nothing ever happens. It is likely that damaged health from both problems far exceeds the clean up costs, especially as time marches on.

Perchlorate contaminates the water supply in California, Texas, and Florida, causing produce (especially lettuce) and dairy products from these regions to be high in perchlorate. Samples of breast milk from around the country have confirmed that excess perchlorate in breast milk is a common societal problem with rather grave implications. Disturbing thyroid hormone function in an infant will have profound negative effects on cognitive function. Combined with exposure to PCBs it is a double-whammy, lowering societal intelligence -- a catastrophic issue that big money lobbies are preventing any action on.

Every nursing mother should seek to saturate breast tissue iodine receptors with iodine, in an effort not only to support thyroid function in her baby but to block perchlorate from binding to these receptors and consequently getting into her milk. We recommend 2-3 drops of Iosol Iodine per day for any mother eating produce grown in the problem regions, otherwise 1 drop per day for general iodine and thyroid needs.*

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