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Adrenal Hormone Replacement and Glandulars

In the early 1990s I was a pioneer in the use of pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, progesterone, adrenal glandulars, and others options.

Experience has shown me that it is far better to build your own adrenal hormones from nutrition than to try to replace hormones. This is a far more natural way to balance your health. Direct hormone replacement often behaves unpredictably in people, as a lot of times the receptors for hormones arent working well either. Hormones are working as part of a grand symphony and you want to get them all working in harmony, including the master hormone leptin.

I never recommend any product with adrenal glandulars. Such foreign animal tissue runs a risk of an autoimmune reaction which is more likely in someone who is adrenal fatigued and consequently inflamed and in an immune hyper tendency. In my mind the risk isnt worth it and the solutions I have outlined in the previouse sections work far better anyway.

The only form of DHEA I use is the 7-Keto metabolite, which does not convert to estrogen. It is in both the Male Plus and Female Plus products in moderate amounts to simply help out, not to replace. Plain DHEA runs the risk of estrogen or androgen excess and we know women do not like facial hair and acne too much.

Pregnenolone and cortisol are not safe for unsupervised use and have a myriad of side effects that those who promote their use do not report. Pregnenolone causes breakthrough bleeding in women. A person can feel better from a little cortisol in the beginning and much worse from the same dose several weeks later.

Natural progesterone is pretty safe and can help women balance their menstrual cycles, though our Female Plus works well for almost all situations and contains no estrogen or progesterone.

To learn more about how your hormones work in connection with each other read my highly informative book, The Leptin Diet, which is the owners manual for how hormones work in your body.

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