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GI Irritation, Nausea, and Diarrhea

The outer cells of the inside lining of your GI tract are renewed every 24 hours. Cells several layers deep are renewed every three days. This fast turnover of mucous-producing cells is needed to maintain the structural integrity of the lining of the GI tract. If this natural process of repair is not functioning at an optimal pace then adverse effects of GI irritation occur. Your GI tract can become inflamed and irritable, leading to constipation or diarrhea or both, often alternating between the two.

It is important to improve any and all of the digestive health issues discussed in these health topic pages. Most fundamentally, it is important to remove the stressors that repeatedly attack your GI tract. It is also important to repair the GI tract itself. Nutrients listed in the previous sections are very helpful, as well as nutrients listed in the subsequent sections on Food IntoleranceBacteria & Yeast and No Appetite/ Weak Digestion.

The top two nutritional supplements for soothing and rejuvenating the GI tract are GI and Muscle Helper,
 and Quercetin. GI and Muscle Helper provides the key protein (glutamine) and the key carbohydrate (N-acetyl-glucosamine) needed by the cells to support healthy structure of the GI tract lining. People taking GI and Muscle Helper not only experience relief but have much more confidence in controlling their bowel function In other words, they do not always have to know where the closest bathroom is. Quercetin is a potent antioxidant that works synergistically with other antioxidants along the digestive tract lining. It helps reduce swelling and bloating in the GI tract, while preserving sulfur-related detoxification.

Another natural supplement that helps GI irritation and diarrhea is Super Dophilus. Super Dophilus promotes a healthy balance of power in the lower colon, helping to produce butyric acid, the most important fatty acid for healing the lining of your GI tract.

  • GI & Muscle Helper
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    Contains glutamine (an amino acid) and N-Acetyl-glucosamine (a carbohydrate) that are primary nutrients used by the lining of the digestive tract for healthy structure. Our most popular product to help the GI tract recover from wear and tear.*

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  • Quercetin
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    A natural antihistamine and antioxidant nutrient (working synergistically with other antioxidants) that is taken up by your digestive lining and is very helpful at stabilizing the lining of your digestive tract.*

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  • Super Dophilus
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    Probiotics that help to nourish the intestinal tract, thereby supporting healthy digestion.* Helps reduce unpleasant gas or bloating.*

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